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  1. That’s a very nice Applejack avatar :O

  2. Appley Hooves

    Is there anything you should be doing right now?

    I should finish raking leaves, but the garbage can is totally full so ehh. Kind of legit excuse, at least until it settles and makes more room tomorrow
  3. Appley Hooves

    Does coming to the MLP Forums relive your stress?

    Depends on what I end up reading lol, so basically like Steam minus 75% of the passive aggressive crazy people.
  4. Appley Hooves

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking I should have kept the furry theme my steam profile had before, since switching back to MLP every second friend invite is a bloody beggar. Gaaah
  5. Appley Hooves

    What was your best grade at school?

    98% final mark in grade 12 Science, thanks to literally acing the provincial achievement exam. Teacher thought I was nuts when I told him I still understood little of it, I just learned where to stick numbers in equations but beyond that I was hopeless. I wonder how many people who got into the science field are the same and work in CDC labs and stuff...?
  6. Be more assertive and go after some of the bullies I had, obviously I couldn't have gone after most of em so might as well be realistic lol. I'd also have taken higher level high school courses, as what I graduated with wouldn't get me into anything nowadays.
  7. Appley Hooves

    Health When Was The Last Time You Vomited?

    About a month ago from a tension headache. I rarely get those but when I do I can't handle the pain anymore so I barf instead to make it worse
  8. Appley Hooves

    How are you feeling

    Tired but weirdly relaxed. Finally told my oldest friend about stuff going on at home rather than not talking to him and most others anymore. He ripped me a new one like he should have, then hit me with a list of stuff to do and offered to stay up all night talking if I needed it. I really am a moron when it comes to picking friends, I opened up to all the ones that deleted me and never told this one a thing.
  9. Appley Hooves

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Finishing a trip in American Truck Sim.
  10. Appley Hooves

    Dual flush?

    New one the landlord put in our main bathroom does. Works pretty good now that we've gotten used to it, early on we each plugged it a few times and that was so not fun to fix
  11. Appley Hooves

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Browsing the forum I used to moderate and wondering why the guy who took over unbanned all the racists and bigots I'd pruned out of there. Then I remembered he knows them on another site. Good ol boys clubs are fun.
  12. Appley Hooves

    Would you rather live in the past, present, or future?

    1800s for me, would live less but I think you'd end up living more. Plus being a basement dwelling neckbeard wasn't a thing then, so I'd have had to shape up rather than wuss out.
  13. Soooo he lost his head in the Revolution but got lots of it in this life... Hoookay then *flees teh banhammer*
  14. Appley Hooves

    Longest period of time without sleep?

    83 hour Mount & Blade marathon, back when I was still addicted to the original game and active on the TaleWorlds forums. Nowadays nobody there knows who I am and most of the people I knew are long gone or oddly enough dead - didn't know so many of them were older guys as most acted pretty young.
  15. Appley Hooves

    How are you feeling

    Pretty meh. No actual dinner tonight cuz the stove's burners are still messed up, and Mom will go nuts if I just eat buns with some miracle whip and mustard on them again, sooo I get to have a TV dinner I don't like anymore thanks to us eating them so much before