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  1. Air quality here right now is 4x worse than Beijing. Herro forest fires :sunny:

  2. Appley Hooves

    General What do you want to do RIGHT NOW.

    Dat 15 day hold tho Well, in my case anyhow
  3. Appley Hooves

    The recent purchases thread

    Bought Mobile Forces on Steam last night, that game was legit the FPS I grew up on. The AI is so bad and predictable as hell, but ehh, I still loved it. My original boxed copy from a bargain bin was 89 cents, I just re-bought it for a lil under 2 bucks. Here's hoping it doesn't run insanely fast like some reviews stated, losing old MoFo will really suck :/
  4. Appley Hooves

    Anyone else ever been to a mental hospital?

    Admitted three times over the past 8 years, nearly became a permanent resident the last time. Been stuck in drunk tanks so many times after suicide attempts though. That's always fun.
  5. Appley Hooves

    How are you feeling

    Really depressed, somewhat tired. Loads of nightmares + noisy people next door = cranky Apple
  6. Appley Hooves

    How fast can you run?

    Marathon my mind!
  7. Appley Hooves

    What's the dumbest thing you've done recently?

    Trying to go pee in the middle of the night in the downstairs bathroom without turning the light on, and finding out someone left the seat up when I sat down, so I got stuck in the bowl Yeah, I uhh pee sitting down. Idk why. Being weird is fun
  8. Appley Hooves

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Playing Construction Sim 2015 on PC, and cluing in the house I'd just built an addition to has now been built by me 14 times. The devs really needed to have more sites in the game lol
  9. Appley Hooves

    General What's your biggest flaw?

    I dwell on past mistakes constantly, and let that prevent me from making decisions in the now.
  10. Appley Hooves

    What topics really bore you?

    Political news and deaths. Deaths more because the person closest to me that talks about them gets all weepy despite these people who died being utter strangers, but if I mention someone I know on the net who died they brush it off and walk away. Pretty upsetting tbh.
  11. Appley Hooves

    How are you feeling

    Pretty meh, kind of angry. Asked for advice from a friend I'm always there for, friend bailed instead of helping. Thinking I need to start telling people to seek advice elsewhere, I'm so sick of giving that and support, but never getting any back when I need some.
  12. Appley Hooves

    What's The Weather Like Right Now Where You Live?

    31c, humid, and smoky as heck from the forest fires a province over. Me no likey.
  13. Appley Hooves

    Gaming Games you would like to see get a port on modern game systems

    Shadow of the Colossus on PC Oh, also Red Dead Redemption. Guessing that might happen if the second one's really getting a PC release though.
  14. Appley Hooves

    General Road Trips?

    We used to do road trips all the time, but it's been years since we did any. I mean with my schooling and screwing up the last few years of it my dad would drive me to go write finals and I studied the whole way to the place I did the exams. To this day I still get indigestion going anywhere near those roads But yeah, otherwise I loved road trips. That's probably why I gravitated to trucking sims on Steam. Give me a decent net radio station and I'm good to go for three or four hours.
  15. Appley Hooves

    Does/did anyone you know serve in the military?

    Two of my...grand-uncles? idk if that's what they'd be...served in WW2. One landed in Sicily and ended up with a ton of shrapnel in his foot so he came home pretty fast, the other was in Belgium I think, not sure.