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  1. Appley Hooves

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Being run off the road by a Polish bro in Euro Truck 2 multi
  2. Appley Hooves

    General How Often Do You Clean Your Bedroom?

    Rarely ever now. Eventually stuff that doesn't produce heat or dampness stops collecting dust lol, I have many examples around me
  3. Appley Hooves

    Health Do You Overly Worry?

    Not so much me, but my Mom does all the time. Mentioning your own worries to her just gets yours classified as pointless or dumb, which is nice.
  4. Appley Hooves

    How are you feeling

    Site support doesn't seem to care, decided I'll not wait the 7 days they have to activate their keys and am trying to add the last two who haven't said if their keys were used. One for sure I can buy him his game and just gift it through steam, the other I don't know as I've got no friends from Israel I can try gifting on to see if region locks prevent it. Neither seems to speak english though so I hope google translate does passable english to chinese and hebrew, and that they don't just decline the friend request cuz without that there can be no gifting now. It's always something
  5. Lots of friends and family in western Canada at least are basically living on credit now thanks to oil going kaput, but yeah even before that we seem to have a love affair with constant CC purchases. Never understood why myself, always liked using cash better. Keeps my "I gotta have that!" urges in check too
  6. Appley Hooves

    How are you feeling

    Pretty awful, actually. I've had a few dozen Steam game keys lying around since I stopped trading a while back, finally decided to get rid of them via a batch of SteamGifts giveaways. Turns out I got sold a bunch of used keys. Due to regional pricing locks, at least half the winners can't be given the game by my just buying it and gifting it through Steam. So now they got stiffed out of their winnings, and I'll be getting flagged as not sending gifts, temporarily suspended from SG, and probably kicked out of all the mostly private giveaway groups I'm in. Yay.
  7. Appley Hooves

    Web Did search engines become useless again?

    Mhm mhm, Google for me now is a joke, never find anything useful in the first two pages of results regardless of what I look up. I've also as of mid March become "one of those people" whose Youtube suggestions are entirely videos I watched ages ago, so now I barely use that site. I miss the days of AltaVista and co. At least you'd usually find something neat if totally unrelated halfway down the first page
  8. Appley Hooves

    What does one do when depressed?

    Finding yourself a good time consuming single player game is a solid bet most of the time. I'll start up something like Just Cause 2 and ignore the boom boom usual stuff, instead play as a bus or truck driver doing runs around the islands.
  9. Appley Hooves

    What are you missing in your life?

    Some stability at home so I can get my own shit together without worrying what'll be going on when I'm not here.
  10. Appley Hooves

    What do you prefer on chips/fries? Ketchup or Mayonnaise?

    Salt & vinegar, same as my potato chips
  11. Appley Hooves

    What do you remember about your last day of school?

    Finished high school way late after switching to home schooling so we could move at a weird time. Was my first major bout with depression, plus I couldn't find any quiet time to study for finals thanks to grandparents visiting and always blasting the TV volume. Last exam was ironically written in an actual high school as it was a government exam, so I got to put up with looks from kids wondering why someone in their nearly mid-20s was writing a science test. For the break half-way through, I left to get some water and managed to get locked out of the building for nearly an hour, yay me. Came back home to "so you're finally done?" from the grandparents. Was nice. And nope, no college or uni memories. Never attended either.
  12. Appley Hooves

    Food How do you like your potatoes?

    Mashed potatoes utterly drenched in butter and salt. Turns them into legit candy
  13. Appley Hooves

    What Do You Want Your Tombstone To Say?

    "Shocker: The lil' mong actually amounted to something" Cuz honestly at this point if I actually do, it'll have been done by a body double or an impostor.
  14. Appley Hooves

    How are you feeling

    Pretty bummed out, the site I used all the time before doing surveys and other garbage to get game bundle leftovers, Tremor Games, is going the way of the Dodo come November 25th. Honestly the site's been going downhill since last Christmas, but I didn't think it'd end like this. Turns out more than a third of my steam library came from those folks, so ehh. Kinda bleh about the whole thing. Suppose I should get looking for other similar sites to take my mind off the loss.
  15. Appley Hooves

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    This girl I've known for years only opens up to me because she friendzoned me from the start and I somehow missed it all this time. Nice job self. Ya bloody twit.