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  1. Gusty is my fav! After her it would be Princess Silver Swirl, Fizzy and Sweet Berry!
  2. I don't hate Gen3 per se. I just never found it appealing. And I guess it came out in my early teens so my interests shifted a bit (emo phase lol) and I never saw a reason to be interested in a franchise for little kids and I focused more on teen media at that time ^^'
  3. I'm gonna leave a quote from The Talos Principle here that basically sums up my feelings about the matter
  4. One of my favs is the beautiful demoiselle damselfly! There were a lot of them at my grandmas place, where I spent most of my childhood summers! c:
  5. I don't particularly dream of the same thing EVERY night but very often if I do dream, the locations often repeat! And those locations are either the ones I remember from my childhood or warped version of them. And they're very often always rather ominous and dark but not quite threatening!
  6. Yeah I'm content with my sex and gender! Sure some things can be inconvenient but I had years to practice I sometimes do have "what if" thoughts about how different my relationships with the people around me would be if I was the opposite sex tho!
  7. I guess for me it would be figurines? They look so nice on a display and some can have such a nice quality to them! Oh, I also love artbooks from games or movies! <3
  8. Honestly I love both??? Tho I know showers are a bit better for me cause they're quick and efficient and as much as I love lounging in the tub with a bathbomb it just feels like it's taking 2x as longer.
  9. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Nara


      Late reply is late but thank you! <3

  10. I usually wear the basic concealer, eyeliner and sometimes use a brow pencil. The eyeshadows and highlighters are added when I wanna look nice for a social meeting :'D
  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Nara


      Thank you <3

  12. For me it's music, books and talking with friends!
  13. I used to play the SNES version of The Lion King and Little Mermaid for HOURS when I was a kid! And it wasn't only to beat the games but also I loved the idea of controlling characters from Disney movies that I liked and exploring their worlds!
  14. I'd say it depends. Some books I only want to read for the actual content and don't care how it's presented to me so I choose to read them on my Kindle (plus it's a space saver when I'm traveling). Also sometimes it's cheaper to get a digital book if for example I can't find a physical copy of the book or it's ridiculously expensive. But there are certain books that can only be appreciated when you can actually hold them and feel the paper, smell the ink and just admire the craft of book design