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  1. It’s a bitch...but I guess it’s my bitch.
  2. Yes agree I would do the same. but what if their face was bitten?
  3. Not a lie but few things I never knew. So to start off with this, I have 6 siblings. Due to my mom’s health complications she was giving a choice to abort the third child, me. But she didn’t. 4th, then 5th, 6th kids, the Doctor still encouraged her to abort my siblings since her body couldn’t handled it and she would die. She didn’t for these 3. Now the 7th child was even more difficult either he will die or her. Despite of the risk my mom still chooses to give birth to the last sibling. However, it was a miracle then she also made it too. Idk why still going for having us all despite her knowing how ill her health is and the risk, let alone the tough decisions she has to go through. But because she told me this just recently have me thinking. Her willing to sacrifice herself 5 times just to have us is something I will never forget.
  4. My friends usually don't stick around. My only longest friendship I had was these two girls whom me and my sister knew since Kindergarten up to college. We're like close cousins than friends. After college, we don't have time to hang out like we used to anymore.
  5. I remember binge watching every day and night and finished for a year, could have been longer but my brother was really into bleach and insisted to keep watching until our eyeballs falls out. you won't regret it
  6. @You how would you rate Akame Ga kill? It sounds interesting
  7. "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.." I have that sometime, usually in the dream world I would feel very sluggish and more tried.
  8. Alright pinkie hugs! now answer my question, did Lyra ever come to see you?
  9. Why do you guys always lose each other? But I guess a little fun detective work won't hurt, let see what I can do. Also you're invited in your own wedding @Bon Bon and @Lyra Heartstrings now show yourself Lyra! You can't say no to your own wedding now eh?
  10. @Jedishy Beezlebub stared at the young man and smile. The writer came in with their teas and pour it into the cup. He took a small sip and begin his introduction. "I don't really like making myself known when it comes to the media, but I assume you have heard of R Crops? We just made our little introduction on the media just yesterday. Beezlebub at your service, management assignment to Krizalid. Now let get down to business, since we just had a call from one of the agency for an emergency. And correct me if I'm wrong but you wish to contribute our R Corps? What is it for you?
  11. That would be good then since I was going to ask anyone else if they wish to make a secondary OC like a background characters to help the story moving. Now he the kind who will be like an information broker like Robin? But just around in his domain? (Also ignore the edit by me I accidentally click the wrong button I'll be writing up the first post now so keep an look out!