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  1. "BLM" simply just a massage for the racists and the oppressors in power.. if you don't fall in that category then people shouldn't have to need to feel offensive. BLM is a shout-out for all minority who has faced injustices/discrimination or die due to their ethnicity, specifically. Do no clamp with "oh everyone dies bluh bluh" like, no duh Sherlock. Sadly BLM has turned into more "hate the cop" kind of shit because people like these "so called BLM protester but in reality just want to break the laws for the hell of it" ruins it. From saying "thank you heroes for being on the front-line for COVID-19" to "fuck the polices". Just to let everyone know, BLM movement are not here to attack the polices, they are here to point the flaws within the systems and fight what's right and against racism within the law. At the same there are group of polices who are using their power to enforce unnecessary force against peaceful protesters and that to me is wrong. They should focus on that more for those who are actually being violence, looting and vandalizing property. However, there are some cases where..(and don't attack me for saying this) some are just asking for it. Take the curfew for an example. Where I live,we're one of the state who decided to have a curfew order. I heard stories where polices 'attacked' protesters before the curfew and after because they want to continue to protest without warning. Eh no, let me shine some correct information here. When curfew is about to start, we are giving a 30 min warning to start leaving through our phones. That enough to get the massage. But apparently some people decided to stick around to protest. Polices has given them more warnings but refused to leave. Curfew starts and still people sticks around. And you can guess the rest what happens. People still need to follow the rule here when they're being told to beforehand. You guys already have a whole day protesting, when it's curfew time, IT'S TIME TO GO HOME. I don't understand why that's so hard? idk everyone is just stress out and along with the virus going on it can make everyone lose rationally. But seeing how they even don’t want to follow the simplest rule makes me think they’re just here to show who’s cock is bigger. But I'm still standing for all the victims who has fallen because of racism and police brutality and we should not forget that let alone DISHONOR IT! The system needs to change or rather at least take responsibility for the shit it's "so called polices" has done. Them and these jack ass polices needs to own it. Sorry to rant in your rant man, I’m just annoyed when people would turn BLM into their personal vendettas.
  2. Hey No worries I understand since I can say the same. I can extend the time for you or would you like to skip a round? Just whatever work best for you.
  3. Banned because @Xeltor still having that frog on hold
  4. " Scoobs! " 9/10 It's a good movie and a great homage to the classic Scooby Doo! I didn't watch the trailer so it was surprising to see they added Dick Dastardly and Muttley to the movie. What a bonus!
  5. Banned for not waiting for me to ban @CypherHoof 🐎
  6. If I meet snoop dogg then highly most likely. Tom is most likely can't choose which mane 6 are their favorite.