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  1. Yeah I'm not a fan of "boy meet girl" thing in movies. Unless it's a movie series like a trilogy or more because it's usually gets done right. I found it redundant for a guy and girl who just happen to like each other when they only know each other for less than a week, let alone hitting off. Animations movies I don't mind at all for some reason, maybe because they tends to do it better than live actions. Like Disney for example. Overall I hate cliche romances in general if it feel stereo-typically forced.
  2. I finally bought a poster framed for my SW poster! Unfortunately there’s only one at the store so I have to wait to get the second one for my other poster. But damn, it looks hella good on my wall!
  3. The amount of stupidity I had witnessed today was painful so I would say.. 7/10 Physical pain: my right leg is always hurting so 4/10. But no headaches today so that’s good.
  4. My first game is some educational PC game that I don’t remember the name of.
  5. I remember hating reading as a kid if that counts.
  6. How are you people remembering this?! I can’t even remember my first word
  7. Probably Teletubbies or Sesame Street.. still don’t remember
  8. I don’t remember... some old Disney animation movie I think.
  9. When fans are toxics and annoying as fuck. Like going about “no you’re wrong me right wah wah!” In short, complaining over the stupidest little things. If It feels like you’re walking in a minefield and trying not to trigger idiots, that’s when you know it’s a bad fandom.
  10. I can’t believe these motherfuckers are triggered by this Seeing these people reactions as if they feel “ attacked” and go on about how they also experienced racism because of their white skin colors by the black is laughable. Not saying it’s happened but it just a petty and a pathetic way to pull away from the main issue here. That’s just make you sound like a fuckin racist cunt if you find his comments offensive. Here is full article https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2020/05/27/john-boyega-star-wars-rant-racist-white-people-george-floyd/ this video is so messed up and I cannot believe how ignorance these motherfuckers are for calling John out for defending George for being killed by an OBVIOUS police brutally. They claimed his death is a "medical incident" Pfft! We all saw the video and what happen you can't possibility tell us this is a medical incident you fucking morons! There's no justification for what just happen because we all fucking saw it.
  11. I like it how Jotaro just so calm and beat the hell of his enemies like they are nothing It always feels so satisfying.
  12. now this thread I can get behind. Jojo's bizarre adventure in my opinion is by far the best anime (aside from Berserk). I love the character's design and fashions and most of all, Araki's art is so captivating and beautiful . The story from 1-2 hasn't reach the "bizarre" yet but after that it just become more and more bizarre which I like. I also like it how all the stand names is named after a band or a song. Anything about Jojo is unique and creative. My favorite part are part 2, 4, and 5 so far. I have to wait and see the anime for the other three to determine. Although I also love the manga and did bought some volume since I love his art. My favorite top characters are all the Joestars, Rohan, Kria and the Squadra Esecuzioni What is your favorite parts of jojo and character @Sparkleberry?
  13. We will still be focusing on the main RP at the same this will give us some breather or a make up if you have missed your turn. I like to think of this like different locations on different times. A little something"extra"