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Welcome to my Lounge



"We grieve at their deaths, but for this we are scorned...'processions as they are called. Victims as they call them. It is true that there is a vast plane between our definitions but the grief? They do not understand how intricately connected we are. What they do not understand is when it comes to our 'processions’. We do not necessity want them to die. In truth, sometime we do. But mostly, we do not. We do however, need them….we need them to be there for us at all times. We need them to endure, to endure what we are giving to them. Really-in the perfect world, they'd never die. Their existences would simply be to endure what we impart on them. Death is an unfortunate side effect on what we do. For we when we lose our 'processions, we are grieved. Not because we miss them, but because we have no one else when they are gone. This is how the cycle is reborn. For we are but hallow men...built with broken vein. "   -Masochisia.


Few things new viewers must know.

-I'm often busy and cannot get back to you on PM right away. Please do not bother me with "why havent you check your massage" crap. Keep in mind I'm NOT ignoring you. I will get back to you as best as I could. 

-DO NOT ASK me where I live or any personal questions. I don't know you. 

-If we just met and you pm me, DO NOT pour your fake pity story on me to the point it becomes unbelievably stupid. I cannot stress  this enough how many so far did this. I don’t want to assumed but I could tell if you’re lying or not. Overall, just don’t.  I don’t know you and vice versa. Keep your bull to yourself.