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  1. great! I'm glad to find someone here who played the game so I could ask about how to set it up
  2. Ah I just realized you’re the frog guy! Thought your name looks familiar, welcome back!

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    2. Xe__or


      Keep your eyes open for those, you never know where they might pop :orly:

    3. TBD 🚬

      TBD 🚬

      Hopefully it’s not my headΒ :umad:

    4. Xe__or


      I said, you never know :orly:

  3. Ah okay, I didn't realized it's that sensitive, I thought you could just plug in any microphone and there, you're done! So you will prob need an expensive one then?
  4. Frozen ( number one disappointing sequel that is a huge waste of time) The incredible (14 years wasted for a weak villain and weak story plot)
  5. I recently bought a yamaha fg800 acoustic guitar!!! I have been practicing, so far it’s a bit complicated but at the same not to bad! Lots of memorizing though, hopefully I will be able to play without having to do a lot of memorizing!
  6. That’s why is safer to stay in the Van and monitor and when all goes south, you’ll be safe How would you set up your voice recording? I don’t have anything fancy microphone because I know you would need one to play
  7. I have heard of that game!!! I’m planning to buy it later and play it with my friends one day! The funny thing is you get to see you friends die based on yours or their action. Which this something I want to do to make my friends suffer for the hell of it . I think depending who you’re playing with. sometime a friend would get scare and that could make anyone else panicked as well. Sometime you can turn this into a goofy thing! I see it like a chain reactions.
  8. Today I will giving my 6 hrs shifts of doing nothing but standing.
  9. *sign* @AlicornSpell I know is a bit late but let’s not turn this into a debate please and thank you.
  10. Do you guys really need to hear my life story?
  11. I remember how much I love these as a kid
  12. Fifty shades of shit Twilight The Invisible Man (how.dare.you.ruin.the.classic.how.dare.yooou) Anything that got to do with love or abused relationship for disguising pleasure.
  13. All the Harry Potter (1-8) like 10 times (i think) 9 (9 times) Rango (10 times)
  14. One I can think of that is one of my favorite is the super silent type, Snakeyes!! I love it how Scarlet can just literally reads his mind without knowing his expressions or hand gestures.
  15. And that’s fine, but this may lead to an debate potentially one way or another. I don’t see any problem yet, but if there is, I’ll have the mod to lock it, so just be cautious.
  16. I was feeling a bit down and lonely...with all the existential crisis going on now and shit. But i'm hanging there.
  17. Oh no...here comes the debate when @Jeric just removed it.
  18. My memories isn't great as it used to be. It's feel more like a mush and my attention span is shorter. Probably due to aging or lack of motives.