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  1. I have done a lot of typing so I have gotten used to typing without looking at the keyboard.
  2. A little too weird for my taste haha jk. Oh I shouldn’t see that coming
  3. Pretty piss. We are supposed to have a family movie day tomorrow but it have to be canceled just because my little bro want to do his stupid rocket league tournament. And my mom hates leaving one behind.. I should be working and making bucks instead not taking a day off for nothing.
  4. @Kronos the Revenant accepted! ____________________________________ i have done this a while back but here’s my side characters/ villains to challenge or be killed off by your characters Here's some stand I have in mind as a extra characters to use for the story -"Smooth Criminal"- A stand that can make itself/user transparent and can go through objects. -"Lady Cobra"- A stand that use hypothesis and disable it opponent's senses. Special move: NIghtlight: when bite on the opponent, it send venoms into their vain temporary paralyzing that area only. -I decided to create a main boss/villain to the RP. Name: unknown Stand name: "Heaven tells no lie"- A stand that can manipulated it's opponent's fate and choices. Object: dices. special move: "Final fortune": unknown. -"House of memories": A stand that can alter itself into a house that lure it's opponent to be trapped or killed. using their childhood memories as a bait. -"Red sun Rising"- A stand that can alter lights. Special move: Deathwish: When a stand found it's opponent at it's valuable state "The devil finds love" they will become a target to a deadly blow. "Major Tom"- A countdown stand. I haven't decide a move yet but I like to do something with a countdown. -“Jailhouse rock” a stand that can pause its opponent’s stand affect. It’s weakness it’s pattens and timing. Kinda like Aizawa’s quirk from MHA. -“Magic city” a stand that uses melodies to affect its opponent’s psychologically
  5. Fair enough, I’m just saying here in America comic con is pretty much one’s right. Just as long it’s not discriminatory. But yes do check the rule first and if you’re not in a America check the law. and if of course if you don’t feel comfortable at all with this @Octavia_Melody2 don’t force yourself, an uniform itself will be just enough to pull off your cosplay.
  6. I guess it also depends on where you live too. I know other countries minds it, but since I live in America and assumed they’re in America, it isn’t a big deal here since you’re in a comic con, people automatically assume it’s just for props and not for racism.
  7. As long it not for racism or anything negative intentions the it should be fine. Hell, personality why it is so bad to see a swastika hanging around when it’s okay for breast hanging out at the con? Also don’t worry, there are some other nazi related characters beside Schrodinger that people will be going as. So you’ll be fine.
  8. TBD

    Apple Bloom

    "Well, one thing is for sure. The Cutie Mark Crusaders will never be the same. We'll be better!"
  9. Nice introduction/overview Randimaxis, now for the real gritty part.. the Disharmony part Don't ruin the fun for everyone. The laugher part is what I found fun when it come to RP, allowing players to making a fool out of your’s or themselves or the event itself. Don’t take things too seriously. Also honesty is another big one for me, since if anyone wish to speak out that they feel is bothering them, share and I’m sure the team will figure things out.
  10. @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ I was also thinking we could also give the time for our character an exercise or moments to show what's being hero means to them. That would be fun to explore too. Like Noroi who sometime thinks he quirk is a curse and not hero worthy but maybe through teamwork and exercise, he'll learn it along the way.
  11. Disney Magic you have, baby yoda meme you don’t have. But understanding HP reference, you’re spare xp
  12. don’t worry LV, I Solemnly swear that I am not up to No Good.
  13. And so Jeric have spoken.. me: Ahem, keep bringing in the baby yoda meme and you will be spared Thank you all for the greeting and the support! It was great working behind scene as the great OZ said. . And @Jeric for giving time to tutor me around about it works Along with his partners in crime @Randimaxis and @Lord Valtasar! I might’ve seen too much along the way but I guess there’s no going back . Let the ruling RP begin!