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  1. It's funny how some people would react towards "bad grammar" thinking English is the only language in the world. When see bad grammar, it like zee end of zee world. Bad English.  They often forget that different languages have different grammar structures rules compared to their own, English. So what's consider THEE correct grammar structures anyways?

    1. Brony_2A


      There are a lot, possibly most, Americans who don't know grammar. So they can't use the excuse that they are using another language's grammar rules.

    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      As long as it's coprehensible i'm fine, I do like to see a well constructed sentence however, not a requirement, especially on the internet, but a nice bonus nonetheless

    3. TBD


      @Brony_2A That's the irony of it.

      English isn't my first,  but whenever someone tries to correct me not only because they want to help me improve but rather making me feel dumb, I'd always keep this in mind. Try learning my language and see how it's feels. Yeah...not so easy isn't? :darling: Why can we just all say "I am groot" xp

      @Lord Valtasar very true as long it's legible, I cannot stand text-like massage though and on the internet there's a lot.