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  1. TBD

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    Yeah i mean is it wrong to... idk? skipped some long ass dialogues? I know there are some fans who would be triggered by that . But duuuude, that was clutch!! congrats on getting her without having to spend much, but while you didn't get C1 Ganyu, but hey at least maybe you can save to get a guarantee Yae right?
  2. I have so many specific favorites for every shows I like-this may take forever so I'm gonna list the ones that I'm recently like right now.
  3. TBD

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Promare. 0/10. Man never have I watched an anime that was bad as this. The movie is like a fanfiction made with a plot that's just drags and bores you to death. The art is nice but the animation gotten lazy towards the end. Everything just feels like a bunch of information where these writers just got it out from their ass and dump it all on you to accept it. Lio was made nothing but a stupid damsel in distress that repeats itself like 3x freaking time! do we really need that?? The whole plot between burnish and the society is weak and the main antagonist is also dumb af. Everything in thi
  4. Ahh I can’t believe I just bought a $140 worth PJ- I wasn’t sure about it spending this much on a PJ, but I love BTS and the design is nice too so why not! . Plus I missed out on the first pre-order and I just have to have it when they got restocked. hopefully they will have another restock so I can buy V mute bag and Suga notebook!
  5. Not angry more annoyed. This one coworker is so annoying and talkative! like every time he’s there, I just want to rip my head off. I don’t have to keep constantly to tell him I’m working or stfu. Also I don’t like him because he’s give off weird vibe and I’m trying my best to avoid him as best I can. He needs stop being “buddy buddy” with me because here at work, I don’t make friends with coworkers. I work and go home- I have no intention to talk to any coworkers AFTER work. Get the fucking hint already kid! He does it for everyone too and not just me, Agh- If I have to play a song to desc
  6. TBD

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    I tried my best to wrap up what we have so far in the stories- I did lose interest when they got up to Inazuma and that was a flop. Hopefully, 2.5 next archon story will do it justice. My interest go back up when we have the new quest story with Albendo- I believe we might have another for 2.4 when we going to be introduced to a new Fatui harbinger, Arlecchino. @Goat-kun. But I agreed the stories does take forever to unfold itself, I mean I know Mihoyo wanted to try to stretch it for 5 years, but I feel that the story keeps dumping new informations, which brings more questions arise to the po
  7. Well technically my older sister bought this for me and I’m so happy!! I love it! I also bought the new Demon Slayer manga! ahhhh it’s so sad and yet more closure for Rengokou-San!
  8. TBD

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    yeah I guess the event keep us busy and occupied for the moment-except for the past recent event is such a drag- like the potions- I couldn’t even complete it! And the hide and seek one. What gives them the idea to bring that back? In my opinion it’s so boring. But I think we’re getting a new (mini archon) quest on part two for 2.4. I’m looking forward getting to know the new fatui harbinger! However I do think them getting the story are bit slow and it can make a person lose interest- even so, their story build up always leads to more questions and not getting to the main point, if you know w
  9. TBD

    General Media Kinning fictional characters?

    I don't see any problem about 'kinning' a character. Characters are made for audience to feel related to, hence why would you have a favorite character in the first place? Sorta like a "comfort" character. I have some few characters that I feel kin with since they have the same or similar personality traits and values as me. As long you don't let that character over shadowing who you are, then it's not a huge deal at all. There's differences between relating to a character and trying to be that character.
  10. Twitter. God what has it become. I remember creating one back in 2012 and it usually a place where "old(er)" casual people goes in and do whatever. While the youngsters have their Facebook or Myspace or DeviantArt. Now it's another way around. I can't post my opinion there without having stupid kids and karens harassing me over having a fucking opinion. I enjoyed twitter before it was bombed with bunch of nuisances. I still use twitter but now I just choosing not to bother with replies and such because it's just too much of a headache for me.
  11. Depending what games. For non-mobile game, I'd often go and complete it. Mobile games don't required that at all so casual.
  12. TBD

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    perfect time to use this Honestly I only play for the primogems and sometime for the story depending on my interests. After they killed off SIgnora, who happen to be my favorite character and whom I have been saving primogems for, my motive in playing the game constantly dies down. I'm waiting on Yae banner though, since I'm planning to pull for her, so that's something for me to look forward too finally.
  13. TBD

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    I would assumed we might get one weekly boss in Enkanomiya, most likely another Harbinger. Also Dain is going to make an return in the next archon quest. Speaking of Harbinger, Scaramouche- I did saw a leak of the new weekly boss which is Raidan. But I do not believe it's Raidan herself. If you saw her second stage she have puppets arms. It's most likely a puppet that we're going against not Raidan. Now it may sound stupid already, like how on earth did Raidan failed to keep her own puppet on a leash, well maybe it's Scaramouche? My guess is we're going against a puppet that is being controlle
  14. By now, everyone at my workplace have covid including myself possibility.
  15. I probably done this but I'm bored. Name: TBD Age: 31 Gender: Male Country: NA Likes: Kpop, Rock, Jazz, Indie/hiphop, anime, SW, Marvel/DC, and Doctor Who. I like books as well, mostly classic ones, mystery, classic romance (depending what it is), and most of all, History. I also like clothes such as fashion in general. Dislikes: Rude people and talkative ones. ( please don't be clingy.) Hobbies: Drawing, writing short story or poetry, and collecting whatever interests me. Other Info: I don't know what else to put but people tends to knows my pros
  16. First, I will let mother take care of herself, obviously. Can't mess with nature otherwise, all the things such as evolutions and the ecosystem would be skewed. If I have unlimited power, I will try my best to give all the people's needs met around the world and hoping it will create peace among the nations globally. Then again, can't control human nature so it's best to punish them who oppose you, which eventually lead to fascism and- it would be pointless isn't?
  17. TBD

    Food Pizzas Or Subs?

    Neither. But If I have to choose, Pizza. And if we're talking about Vietnamese sub sandwich, I preferred that over pizza anytime. Its the only sub I would rather eat.
  18. TBD

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking about how painful it was to call off from work for sick day..
  19. I don’t often enjoy food. I only eat because it necessity. It’s rare that I do.
  20. I really like their FNAF ones, that's how I know about their channel. I don't listen to their other ones beside FnaF though.
  21. I don't have a crush on fictional characters, until I saw Elsa . Then I also fallen for another fictional character from a game called Genshin, La Signora. I guess I have a thing with blond ice queens.
  22. Very true, but let say maybe in the future if every single companies and software companies decided to use NFT, it would be much harder to avoid it, unfortunately. Right now, I never go beyond being super technical or advance when it comes to technology usage such as, computer or mobile phones. Since I'm a bit of a Technophobic, I like to keep it simple for myself. My laptop is only use for work like Microsoft, excel, ects. Plus it’s only been two years since I switched from a flip phone to a smartphone, so I only use my smartphone for calling and playing mobile games and trying to avoid usi
  23. TBD

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking about why am I shopping at Gucci when I can’t afford a single thing there-even in clearance.
  24. Hm. I have only basic knowledge about NFT and the issues of partnering it since it may be harmful to the environment and the economic along with the customers itself. so I will try my best to share my thoughts in this. Honestly, it seems every companies not just gaming are doing NFT. I honestly think it takes one responsibility to know not to fall for scammers or choose not to support it by refusing to buy things from the company. Correct me if I’m wrong, The reason companies does it because they gain more money from it and gaining rights to their property. Let it’s benefit both the owner and
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