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  1. Danathian

    Queen Chrysalis Dark Cemetary

    did some more with the piece MUCH better improvment
  2. Danathian

    Queen Chrysalis Dark Cemetary

    oooohhhh my gosh i did not notice that thanks for the tip!!! I appreciate it!!
  3. Danathian

    Queen Chrysalis Dark Cemetary

    so i took about 3 hours out of my day to work on one of my favorite My Little Pony characters: Chrysalis Lemme Know what you think!!
  4. i got bored so i started messing around with gimp this one is placed the current season i'm living with in my state
  5. steam: danathian1 skype: danathian1 minecraft: Danathian i play all sorts of emulators like n64 snes and others online multiplay too added you on steam UN: Metamorphisis added you on steam metamorphosis added you on steam Metamorphosis i ummm....added you on steam...steam UN: Metamorphosis i umm....added you on steam...i guess...My steam gamertag is Metamorphisis UN:danathian1 (geez, I guess I don't know which one....shows up.) adeed you umm...i think.... my um....tag is Metamorphosis
  6. so when i was reading the bible the other week i was reading the worlds end book of revelations i.e: 5 horseman of the Apocalypse horse man so the idea is this i haven't even started to think about writing but here it is: what if the 5 horseman of Apocalypse were pony and or fan-fics based off MLP not only is this ENTIRELY controversial but: i mean it might embrace todays fictional grasp of 5 genetics research experiments(each being a different pony) some evil some good to start things off with... any ideas to add to it?
  7. Danathian

    Things you dislike about your country.

    that we got no choice but to vote for two sides of the same pair of clown shoes for president
  8. Danathian

    Who's your role model/hero?

    when i was growing up as a kid my favorite superhero/ role model was Sonic The Hedgehog sadly enough there was a TV show that only i was the only one who ever watched i mean, what kid wouldn't want a lighting fast turbo charge chili hot dog eating rodent as their childhood super hero i mean, why not?
  9. hey im looking to start a brony gamer\dev team anyways i'd kill to have a team of fellow bronies i can game with and program future games with as well as art and sprite design...if your interested please message me on skype games I play: Minecraft #1 FAV TF2 Gary's Mod(loves) killing floor bioshock (all of them) [1st is my fav] and much more...(many creaative fashioned games) skype username: danathian1 btw add me if you wanna:)
  10. Danathian

    Science Your thoughts on transhumanism. Good or evil?

    well there are 2 things I consider here: #1: out of all things we have prefected cloning my friend is 22 years old now and has no belly button as hes a test tube baby...so my point on that is if we got human duplication down in a whole...how long is it going to taske for the scientist of humanity to get ...um ...idk....curious? i mean they probs already have it would just cause too much panic in the religious community as well as the human rights groups so its best to keep those projects on the DL (shhh dont tell) anyways... i've been wanting to get a movable pair of wings grafted on to my shoulder blades and there are surgeons who do just that!! i kid you not!! #2: when we have computers that are capable of statistically graphing out every event in history up to 20 years from now ( google does this) from a single growth of a blade of grass??? whats there to say there isnt a program capable of re-programing someone's DNA?
  11. Danathian

    What do you do when when you can't sleep?

    frig yea i listen to blackmill on a reg but personally to get to sleep i use theta waves scientifically proven to gewt one drowsy (-peeps with adhd[theta like adderal to them]) binural beats heres aan example warning: it will sound forign and creepy at first but the trick is to allow your mind to belive its going to work its the same concept as if you were going to see a hypnotist i.e: it will only work if you belive it will)
  12. Danathian

    Being naked

    im proud as heck of my body and I choose to walk around naked in my apartment just to show off to the neighbors outside XD funny thing is i have gotten shout outs from them every now and then so i can't complain....and apparently...neither can theyXD
  13. Danathian

    What type of voice do you have?

    sadly i sound like napoleon dynamite spot on naturally but any charecter from mlp closest ....Braeburn is the closest lowest and dumb sounding...geez i hate my voice :L
  14. heh i didnt know scanners where illegal in mn well....im a criminal then...What Have I Done?! better go and just...turn myself in
  15. hey, i was trying to start a gamer guild wondering if you would be interested to help me spread the word i'm looking for bronies...only...my goal is to make a mob of gamer bronies that can be on call AT any time there is hatred towards any fellow brony gamer XD can someone say flash mob? but not just that but to have a group of bronies i can play video games on a regular basis with...if interested please send me a PM heres my skype feel free to add me: skye username: danathian1