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  1. ohai! thanks for the add :3

    1. Danathian


      no problem look forward to speaking with you on discord or skype or chat application (i really wished this forum had that)

  2. did some more with the piece MUCH better improvment
  3. Thanks for adding me as a friend :)

    1. Danathian


      your very welcome:) look forward to our ventures together in the future

  4. oooohhhh my gosh i did not notice that thanks for the tip!!! I appreciate it!!
  5. so i took about 3 hours out of my day to work on one of my favorite My Little Pony characters: Chrysalis Lemme Know what you think!!
  6. Hi! Thanks for adding me as your friend!

  7. i got bored so i started messing around with gimp this one is placed the current season i'm living with in my state
  8. Hello there Danathian. Thankssssssss for being my friend and welcome. :)

    1. Danathian


      your alwayssss welcome my awessssome friend!

  9. steam: danathian1 skype: danathian1 minecraft: Danathian i play all sorts of emulators like n64 snes and others online multiplay too added you on steam UN: Metamorphisis added you on steam metamorphosis added you on steam Metamorphosis i ummm....added you on steam...steam UN: Metamorphosis i umm....added you on steam...i guess...My steam gamertag is Metamorphisis UN:danathian1 (geez, I guess I don't know which one....shows up.) adeed you umm...i think.... my um....tag is Metamorphosis
  10. so when i was reading the bible the other week i was reading the worlds end book of revelations i.e: 5 horseman of the Apocalypse horse man so the idea is this i haven't even started to think about writing but here it is: what if the 5 horseman of Apocalypse were pony and or fan-fics based off MLP not only is this ENTIRELY controversial but: i mean it might embrace todays fictional grasp of 5 genetics research experiments(each being a different pony) some evil some good to start things off with... any ideas to add to it?
  11. that we got no choice but to vote for two sides of the same pair of clown shoes for president
  12. when i was growing up as a kid my favorite superhero/ role model was Sonic The Hedgehog sadly enough there was a TV show that only i was the only one who ever watched i mean, what kid wouldn't want a lighting fast turbo charge chili hot dog eating rodent as their childhood super hero i mean, why not?
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