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  1. I'm still here, you know. I miss you, and I miss you a lot. You were one of my first friends here.

  2. You still around friend?

  3. Hello there.

  4. Are you alright?

  5. By Celestia's mane, am I stupid.

  6. It seems that people misunderstood this topic a bit. First of all, when I say an episode triggers me, I don't mean it sends me into a rage or anything of te sort. I mean I find it off putting to an extreme degree. Secondly, I'm not attempting to degrade, take advantage of, or abuse anything. I thought "trigger" had many meanings, not just the actual medical term. I'm sorry.
  7. Let's have a nice little thread to talk about the episodes that we find truly off-putting. These aren't episodes we dislike; these are episodes we hate, and we want the world to know, dangit. For me, the first episode that always comes to mind is "The Best Night Ever." This episode and its "moral" annoys me on so many levels. What even was it? Never look forward to anything? Don't go to parties? Always stay with your established friends and don't branch out? On a logical level, I understand the idea was "don't overhype anything", but it was executed so questionably. Seeing the Mane6 have the
  8. I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't dislike holidays, I just don't feel too much for most of them. It could be cynicism stemming from the fact I have no way to celebrate them though. lol
  9. Same. It's partly because my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, and partly because I think most holidays are a bit silly. Yeah, I know I sound Scrooge-y. Now get back to work, dang it! You ain't gettin' a day off this year.
  10. Honestly, it sounds like you have been experiencing burn-out already. If you're trying to reach a feeling that never comes, you probably need a break.
  11. I met one of the local UPS deliverymen once. Does that count? I hopes it does. That's the best I've got.
  12. Being serious and yet oddly un-serious at the same time.
  13. I don't think I'll ever get used to this site's reinnovations...

  14. It's interesting to see everyone's thoughts on this. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who had an idea of this sort. It's interesting the episode hinted so much that the darkness was a symbiote/being of some kind but never outright stated it. I think Grogar might have been deconfirmed from ever appearing in the main series. In "A Flurry of Emotions," the storybook Spike read to the kids featured a villain named Grogar. I think that might have been the show staff's way of using Grogar's name without actually making him a character.
  15. Sadly, this is apparently the nature of debates in general on the Internet. Actually, I guess it's real life debates too. They usually seem to devolve into attempts by both sides to gain moral highground so they can bury the opposition. Far too often, it's just glorified crap-slinging, instead of discussion on how a mutually beneficial solution can be found for the good of all concerned.
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