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  1. Bohtty

    Gonna be thin

  2. Bohtty

    Gonna be thin

    English isn't your first language is it?
  3. Bohtty

    Gonna be thin

    Well I can see you're a lost cause. I guess we should just let natural selection do it's work. Your poor father...
  4. Bohtty

    I need a small laptop

    I can't do that for you, sir. On a completely different note, let me show you about this really NEAT website that I used to... uh... post family photos to... WINK WINK ("adobe illustrator cs2 mac" shhhhh)
  5. Bohtty

    Gonna be thin

    There are no quotes in this blog post. On top of that you say you've been dealing with eating disorders and that you were going to do things that encourage your supposed eating disorder? You don't "deal" with things that are good for you. You "deal" with things that are bad for you like a broken bone, hard classes or a fucking eating disorder. 2 lbs loss a day is not good in anyway. Solving your problem like an adult means solving it the right way not the easy way. I could become incredibly rich by robbing a bank. You stomp on your fathers grave by switching one bad habit for another. A habit YOU YOURSELF say is not good. The fact that anyone would support you in this endeavor is disgusting.
  6. Bohtty

    I need a small laptop

    All Adobe products require activation keys which work on a per-user basis. IE: You still need to buy another key to use Adobe Illustrator... or you know you could just pirate it.
  7. Bohtty

    I need a small laptop

    Well what are you hoping to email?
  8. Bohtty

    Gonna be thin

    You'd encourage your mother to continue what you said was a bad habit? "I know it's a serious problem". Grow up then and solve your problem like an adult. It won't make you healthy. I almost laughed at that.
  9. Bohtty

    I need a small laptop

    Hate to break it to you but you can't email yourself most programs.
  10. Bohtty

    Gonna be thin

    Your children will be so disappointed.
  11. Bohtty

    Bronies act like real christians should

    You seem confused. It's not Christians that are Bronies it's the Bronies that are Christian. This fandom has just as many assholes as any other fandom or religion. The fact that you made such a broad, inaccurate, statement about Bronies makes me want to go light an orphanage on fire with a box of kittens.
  12. Bohtty

    Giving back to the brony community

    SHIT! I have an idea! You should TOTALLY practice! I know, I know, others don't have to practice because we were all born with talent, but life's not fair. So, get going.
  13. Bohtty

    Rate song, then post another!

  14. Bohtty

    First Vector C:

    Yeah the ellipse tool + Boolean operations = easy eyes.
  15. Bohtty

    TwilightSparkle, AppleJack, and RainbowDash

    It's almost like they are the main character in a children's show!