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  1. Attractiveness: 3/10 Intelligence: 10/10 Kindness: 8/10
  2. This is free and voluntary work on your part. Take your time. I personally prefer an artist take his time than put out subpar work due to fatigue
  3. General
  4. Request Shop

    Oh dear... I love it! This is an amazing piece to get free! Thank you!
  5. The reason is limited animators with a deadline. I'm sure they would love to make separate ponies that aren't recolors. However, corporate set deadlines are a thing. Time saving measures will have to be taken.
  6. Request Shop

    No trouble at all. It looks good
  7. Solgaleo
  8. Request Shop

    Thank you so much! I love that stylized look!
  9. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT! Also, can I use that image you made of my pony's face as a sig?
  10. The Correllian Nativist Tradition, actually.
  11. I'm a Wiccan, if that means anything.
  12. I heard @WiiGuy2014 secretly prefers Looney Toons. ninja'd twice... @Sparklefan1234 secretely cuts their hair every day.
  13. @MidnightFire1222 Feel free to post it here as far as I'm concerned. It's a chance to show YOUR work to a wider audience and get some promotion for you future commission shop. By all means, post it publically.
  15. Mega Thread

    Why do I even bother?