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  1. Best case scenario: Three-parter finale featuring the return of Chrysalis and the new villain foreshadowed in the comic. Most likely scenario: Another typical SOL episode, followed by a two-part finale that probably won't be as good as Twilight's Kingdom. Worst case scenario: No multi part episodes, just SOL finale and the whole thing about S7 having the "biggest adventures yet" was a complete lie.
  2. 1. A Royal Problem 10/10 2. Discordant Harmony 9/10 3. The Perfect Pear 9/10 4. Parental Glideance 8/10 5. Rock Solid Friendship 7/10 6. A Flurry of Emotions 7/10 7. Hard to Say Anything 7/10 8. Not Asking for Trouble 7/10 9. Forever Filly 6/10 10. Fluttershy Leans In 6/10 11. Honest Apple 6/10 12. Celestial Advice & All Bottled Up 1/10 (0/10 if I'm being honest)
  3. I really, REALLY, hate this mentality. The premieres and finales are one of the rare occasions the show has to explore high-stake conflicts, and better utilize the show's fantasy elements. They are a huge part of what makes FIM more than just a generic slice-of-life show for toddlers. Right now, you two are practically saying you WANT the show to be less exciting.
  4. If done right, Grogar could potentially end up being the MLP equivalent of Darkseid. Though, him showing up in the series will probably depend on whether the namedrop in that book in Flurry of Emotion was foreshadowing or not.
  5. I've never really understood the fandoms hysteria over 'spoilers.' FIM has never been a particularly story-driven or suspenseful show, what exactly is there to be spoiled? (Outside of premieres/finales, maybe)
  6. I'm guessing it'll have something to do with Chrysalis returning for revenge. Though, if the comic tie-ins are any indication it may have something to do with this guy: Maybe a team up with Chrysalis with him inevitably hijacking the plot? Personally, all I want is another Twilight's Kingdom. I've been waiting almost 3 seasons to see it replicated, and this seems like the best chance of that happening.
  7. I honestly don't mind the season ending quickly. I like to be given as much content as quickly as possible. Not only am I impatient as hell, but being able to ingest everything in such a short sitting will leave less room for disappointment.
  8. It may be that I'm just kind of burned out on the Changelings and looking for an opportunity for them to be disregarded, but this villain doesn't strike me as a Changeling. His mane is ethereal (as well as his wings it seems), he has no holes or openings in his legs, nor does he have any of the insectoid features the Changelings are known for having (plus, Shadow Lock never gave an indication of any Changeling heritage). He strikes me as more of a demon than anything else.
  9. I think it was obvious from the beginning that the show wasn't going to into the movie.
  10. spoiler

    How much longer do you guys think it'll be before this thread gets locked?
  11. spoiler

    I want her gone more than ever before. I'm sick of time being wasted on this stupid plotline.
  12. Despite the show's obvious pre-industrial, high-fantasy setting, the only way I can think of having a non-unicorn/alicorn character be a legitimate threat is for them to utilize some kind of technology or weaponry that would render raw magical power ineffective. Maybe an earth pony with a brilliant mind, yet feels great envy for the other pony races because of their abilities, and seeks to replicate and surpass them through scientific means?
  13. Spoiler

    Or, better yet, DON'T give Twilight a student at all. Because that story concept is lame and a waste of time.
  14. Spoiler

    Please, no. It's bad enough that the premiere isn't even a 2-parter, and is making Startlight the focus AGAIN. I seriously don't want them to waste time on something like that.
  15. Not gonna lie, I kinda hate this idea. Hate might be an understatement, actually.