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  1. I'm not complaining You get it in anime, the super stacked girls generally will have the carefree attitude (and they're normally the best)
  2. I popped on the Wiki and apparently there are other zebras?: So that's nice and I guess it also means that Everfree Forest is their homeplace, even if they're from somewhere else.
  3. Not really a fan of Manowar any more but they're still cool 5 outta 10
  4. Yea I'm new as well but congrats! Actually I was just looking at this dude's profile like yesterday and thinking that he was a cool guy so yeah go get sum :idea:
  5. Ye I mean I've tried this, what I meant by it only showing the day's posts is that all it shows is this: I can see the first 5 posts from my profile but no more than that. Basically it's the problem that was supposed to have been fixed according to the other topics but looks like it's popped up again. Is there another way to view my stuff?
  6. Idk who that is, it looks like Reaper but I don't think it is, but still, 6outta10 because it's pretty neat
  7. Hello.

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    2. TheRockARooster


      Nothing much.

      How are you?

    3. Jacob Is A Lemon

      Jacob Is A Lemon

      I'm alright, I'm eating a fishcake that cost 48p and it tastes better than I expected

      Probably going to watch Sword of the Stranger soon

      What about you?

    4. TheRockARooster


      I'm OK, nothing much happening with me.

  8. Agreed, I'm about to live a quiet life and plough softly across the Earth while the Earth is here for me to live in. It doesn't matter how many tides I turn.
  9. Aww yee love me something smooth every now and again, normally I like harder stuff but when the day's long and I just wanna kick back... At the moment I'm liking D'Angelo's CD from a couple years ago, especially this one, Iberian af:
  10. I searched for this and it said Feld0 fixed it but I'm still having this problem Basically I wanted to find a post I made yesterday but My Content only shows today's posts. What do I do lads?
  11. Not really, more of the opposite where I grimace hard remembering times I sperged out hard or stuff like that