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Hi, my name's Lauren, (or you can call me Laurie, Lucky Bolt, or just Lucky), I am 18 years old and have been a pegasister since 2014. My love for animals has led me down the path to studying for a veterinary technician associate's degree, with the intent to specialize with performance horses at the track. I live in north Florida but plan on moving to Kentucky after I graduate to pursue my career there.

 I love music genres of all kinds, but country music especially holds a big spot in my heart. Some of my favorite country artists/bands include...Florida Georgia Line, Dustin Lynch, Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, Rascal Flatts, Rodney Atkins, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Jon Pardi, Sam Hunt, Jordan Davis, and many many others.

I am also a 2nd gen Ram truck enthusiast...whether it be Cummins or gasser, I don't care. I love them all! I spend much of my free time working on or driving my '96 Dodge Ram 1500. If you're into pickup trucks too and wanna chat, shoot me a DM! I'm always looking for more truck friends haha. 

Here’s a picture of my baby




When I’m not working under the hood, other things I enjoy in my free time include drawing, going for a drive (destination no where lol), hanging out with friends. listening to music, spending time with my pets, photographing the sky and weather, or just surfing MLP Forums. 



Here is my ponysona, "Lucky Bolt"




Read more about her here if you're interested!



My top 10 favorite MLP characters in order are....

1. Applejack

2. Rainbow Dash

3. Misty Fly

4. Sunset Shimmer

5. Sandbar

6. Braeburn

7. Lightning Dust

8. Scootaloo

9. Pear Butter

10. Windy Whistles


And my OTP is none other than....









I've met some awesome people during my time here on MLP Forums, but I'd like to give a shoutout to these very special friends of mine in particular:

@Misty Breeze



@Twisted Cyclone

@Renegade the Zombiecorn

@The Demon