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About Me


Howdy! My name is Lauren but around here I go by my ponysona's name: Lucky Bolt, or just Lucky. (Here's a link to my ponysona if you'd like to know more about her..... Lucky Bolt's info ) I'm a country girl, "Florida orange" ^_^, quirky ENFP, devoted AppleDash/AppleBlitz and QuibbleDash shipper, pickup truck enthusiast, avid lover of fried chicken and Florida Georgia Line fangirl. ~ 


I'd put more here but I'm too lazy. :muffins: I'll get to it eventually.  

Wanna get to know me better? Ask me anything you like in my official ask thread or shoot me a DM, I love meeting new folks, so don't be shy! I don't bite I promise. :mlp_smug:

~ You can also find me on Everypony under the same username. ~