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  1. Fun fact: Billy Bob Thornton based his character in Fargo on Maud Pie. He said it himself here




  2. Now that's a combination of ponies I didn't know I needed to see:
  3. I still use it because it works perfectly fine and feels and looks way better than Windows 10 (I have it on my workplace computer). One of my friends still uses Windows XP for the same reason.
  4. Oleks

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Snowpiercer (2013). It's a mix of Mad Max, Black Mirror and a little bit of The Matrix on a train. And it's very dark. I liked it.
  5. Happy World Introvert Day, everyone!


  6. It's hard to remember, but it probably was one of these songs:
  7. :-)


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    2. raykv423


      @Oleks Hold up, jokes aside, you SEEN NCIS? :wau:

    3. Oleks


      As I've mentioned it in your thread, I helped localize it into Ukrainian several years ago, so yeah, I've seen some episodes.

    4. raykv423


      @Oleks  Sort of. I hate to spoiler this for you but...you want me to tell you the spoiler or not?

  8. Oleks

    Gaming What's Your Comfort Game ?

    For me it's my favorite hack-and-slash games: Diablo II, Titan Quest and Grim Dawn, where you don't have to think much and can relax and slash through enemies. Also, Heroes of Might and Magic III may be comforting, but only if I watch skilled players play it.
  9. This is the best MLP compilation of the year:


  10. For me it's BMO from Adventure Time and Moon Dancer from MLP. BMO sometimes really helps me calm down, and Moon Dancer is a character I find very relatable.
  11. Oleks

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Klaus (2019). It's a very good movie, even though you know what's going to happen 90% of the time. Gives you a new perspective on familiar things.
  12. Oleks

    Web Youtubers You Like

    RedLetterMedia - the only movie review channel I watch regularly. Their Best of the Worst show is a perfect friends simulator. Animalogic - a very interesting channel about animals. Shadversity and Skallagrim - they showcase melee and other weapons, debunk misconceptions about the Middle Ages and provide other interesting content. zefrank1 - another channel about animals, but this one has a very peculiar sense of humor.
  13. Let me put this here for no reason at all lol :P


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    2. raykv423


      @Oleks Jokes aside,


      how's your day going on? 

    3. Oleks


      It's going fine, but it's already 2:40 a.m. here, so Imma go to bed right now. Happy Hearth's Warming to you, my friend!


    4. raykv423


      @Oleks well, happy hearth's warming to you, too! :-)

  14. Oleks

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    Well, Stephen King wrote The Stand back in 1978, and it was about a flu pandemic that basically destroyed the world. It's still my favorite King's novel. Let's just hope it doesn't fully come true.
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