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  1. In some aspects it's excessively realistic (e.g. alchemy, reading, archery) and feels really hard at first, but with practice your character gets better and the game gets a bit easier. You still won't be unable to kill hordes of enemies at once though - 3 is a limit for me so far. And yes, it's very playable and diverse, so I recommend to give it a try.
  2. Oleks

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship Is Magic (Results)

    IMO, it also simply has the highest number of quality episodes, but it's a matter of taste. And if we look at the recent seasons, S5 was the only one (within my recollection) that was highly praised throughout its duration and immediately after it ended. After that each new season had "the show's not what it used to be" reactions from a portion of fans and had to settle in for a bit.
  3. Oleks

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship Is Magic (Results)

    Nothing is really suprising for me here. Well, maybe S6 score is a bit lower than I expected, but it aired between two very strong seasons, so the contrast probably affected the general perception. S3 made it over 65% - not bad, considering how disappointed many people were (and are) with it. And my favorite season got the highest score - not surprising at all.
  4. Oleks

    Episodes that pleasantly surprised you?

    The Saddle Row Review - I thought it would be just another Rarity/fashion episode. Oh, how mistaken I was! It was a glorious episode. A Flurry of Emotions - I definitely wasn't looking forward to a Flurry Heart episode, but it turned out to be surprisingly entertaining. Horse Play - initially I found the very premise of the episode silly, but when I watched it, I loved it. It's probably my favorite episode of season 8.
  5. Oleks

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    Just started The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life by Richard Dawkins. A very interesting approach to explaining the origin of species and how evolution works. Dawkins never disappoints me.
  6. Oleks

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Se7en. It's a good dark movie. Takes time to realize who the real main character is. And the actors are great.
  7. Started Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Gotta admire a game where picking one lock or defeating one bandit feels like a great achievement.
  8. Oleks

    Do we expect to much from FiM now?

    The show has set a high bar for itself, but still some people expect a bit much from it. Some have oddly specific expectations and get mad when something goes "the wrong way", others expect the show to always stay the same and are outraged by any change, and some just like to nitpick and are happy to exploit every opportunity to prove that "MLP's gone downhill". I personally try to limit my expectations for FiM, and take it for what it is - a high quality kids show that can entertain me and make me laugh, sometimes throwing in pleasant surprises. And that's it for me.
  9. Oleks

    General Would you rather die by fire or water?

    I can't stand even the smallest burns. And I almost drowned once. Didn't inhale water though, so the experience wasn't "full", but I remember my mind going blank at some point, that's why I imagine it would be less painful than burning alive. So, water for me.
  10. Oleks

    Movies/TV Best written episodes of television

    Black Mirror - S3E3: Shut Up and Dance (and a bunch of other episodes). Doctor Who (the new one) - an innumerable amount of episodes, but I'll just name my favorite ones: S3E10: Blink, S4E11: Turn Left, S9E11: Heaven Sent. Steven Universe - S4E6: Last One Out of Beach City - that is if I had to pick just one, overall this show has great story arcs that span multiple episodes and even seasons. Adventure Time - S6E12: Jake the Brick, series finale: Come Along With Me (*sighs*). MLP - S5E12: Amending Fences (I'm obviousy biased here).
  11. It depends on the person you're introducing the show to. If they are patient, I'll recommend them to start from the beginning and watch 4-5 first episodes before making any conclusions (that's how I got hooked myself). If they like a good laugh, I'll show them a Pinkie Pie episode (like Feeling Pinkie Keen or Baby Cakes). Some people are very impressed by epicness of the Twilight vs Tirek battle, so if spoilers are not an issue, this can the first step. Also, there a several musical episodes that can be the best choice for people who like great cartoon songs.
  12. Oleks

    Movies/TV Your Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

    Avengers: Endgame, Frozen 2, Glass. These are the only movies I plan to see in a theater next year.
  13. Oleks

    What mood would you associate your favorite color with?

    People here have already made a pretty good associations list for my favorite color (black). But I'll add one from my own point of view - solemn.
  14. Oleks

    Your top 10 episodes.

    My favorite episode is Amending Fences, and the rest nine in no particular order (not including the two-parters): Green Isn't Your Color Luna Eclipsed Hurricane Fluttershy Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? Slice of Life No Second Prances The Perfect Pear The Saddle Row Review Horse Play
  15. Oleks

    Why do fans call Tempest edgy?

    Fans started calling her edgy since the very moment her pictures were first shown. It’s because of her looks, naturally – the color scheme, the scar, the horn. I too thought that she’s unnecessarily edgy, but that was before I saw the movie. Now I think that Tempest has the perfect amount of edginess in her. And the fact that her being edgy was never actually played for laughs is astonishing.