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  1. I went to the official part, but skipped the party afterwards. Didn’t see a point in it.
  2. After seeing all those comments on Pony Life, I think I have to google Teen Titans Go to find out what that is, but I’m afraid to do so.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PiratePony


      It's a fun little show. Goofy as hell.

    3. Oleks


      So, Pony Life looks like it's gonna be just cute and goofy. My expectations are even lower now.

    4. Lord Valtasar
  3. I got into the fandom in 2015, so I missed a lot of the best and the most important stuff - I'm still catching up on many things. Never planned to attend conventions though, I'm actually fine with never meeting other bronies in person.
  4. I’m not a fan of the new design, and don’t find anything in the trailer appealing. It feels like a bone they are throwing to keep the audience busy until they are ready to present G5. I’ll probably try watching it anyway, but my expectations are very low.
  5. So now that Twilight is in charge, I wonder if ponies will start saying things like "For Twilight’s sake!", "Twilight knows what" or "Oh my Twilight!"

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    2. CypherHoof


      Oh my twilighting Twilight doesn't work as well though :)

    3. Oleks


      Also, "Mother of Twilight!"


      At least now they know who they are referring to.

    4. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      oh for Twilight's sake stop Twilighting so much Twi damn it

  6. I don't usually go to "pizza places", I normally order it from Domino's. And I don't pay attention to how I eat pizza, but I don't deliberately fold it or start with the crust. Cheese is a must-have for me, and I like having a Hawaiian pizza now and again, don't really understand that universal hate on pineapples on pizza.
  7. The main thing: quality. Because if the game is poorly made, all the other things don't matter. Other than that I'd like it to be an RPG with high replay value, where you can both create your character and/or play as the Mane Six and other existing ponies. Also, I'd prefer if it had a new and original story instead of repeating something that happended in the show.
  8. I think staying at one place will bore them very quickly. I guess they will travel a lot, at least Celestia, while Luna can just catch up on all the TV shows pop culture things ponies are into that she missed.
  9. I've seen enough Because Science episodes to not want any of the "standard" superpowers. I'd like to have superluck or the ability to win any bet (like Timm Thaler) - simple as that.
  10. Is "Not interested" a relationship status? Anyway it describes my case.
  11. Probably Super Mario Bros. on NES (or as it was called where I lived "Dandy") back in the 1990s. I actually never finished it.
  12. So, the special turned out to be a series of short stories. Well then. I enjoyed some references, especially the "Saving Private Ryan"-ish scene, but generally it was nothing extraordinary. And after seeing the battle for Equestria and all the epic stuff in the main show, all these school test avoidance things seem just silly and pointless to me.
  13. It's very hard to choose just one. I enjoy sci-fi (like Ray Bradbury), fantasy (G. Martin, Pratchett, Sapkowski), horror/mystery (S. King, Lovecraft), and pretty much anything as long as it's well-written.
  14. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My hometown has no cinema, so I saw it when I was visiting relatives in another city back in 2007. I hated it, because ot was so much worse than the book.
  15. 1. Return of Harmony Part 1 – one word: Discord. 2. The Beginning of the End Part 1 – I know, many people have problems with it. But I really liked two things: the fact that they announced Twilight’s future coronation in the very first episode instead of waiting the whole season, and the return of Grogar (considering that at that time we did not know who “Grogar” actually was) and all the best villains. 3. Friendship is Magic Part 1 – it was the first MLP episode I watched from the beginning to the end, and it’s definitely among the episodes I rewatched at least 10 times, mostly due to it being the start of many abridged series. 4. Celestial Advice – this one was both funny and emotional. Also, a nice bit of continuity, which I always appreciate. 5-6. The Crystal Empire Part 1, The Cutie Map Part 1 – two solid episodes, the former introduced a new and very important location, and gave Shining and Cadance something to do, the latter featured the first appearance of Starlight and a fake equality theme I really liked. 7-9. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1, The Crystalling Part 1, School Daze Part 1 – PTS felt like it could have been way bigger than it was; the other two introduced things I wasn’t very enthusiastic about (a new alicorn and the school), but eventually both grew on me.