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  1. To distract myself from coronavirus news, I decided to catch up on MLP comics. The first comic I opened had this:



  2. Yep, Snails is a zen master. I'm not sure it makes him smart though. Some may even argue that simply knowing a lot of spells or magic tricks doesn't make you intelligent, but it's just a matter of definition. Also, unicorns seem to have accumulated so much knowledge, because historically their weren't busy picking things with their mouths or controlling the weather.
  3. Probably not necessarily, although being a unicorn opens more possibilities in science and magic fields. I mean, these guys are not exactly bright: On the other hand, we have a time scientist Dr. Whooves, 2 earth pony doctors, one wise zebra, and a bunch of other smart non-unicorns.
  4. Someone already ponified coronavirus. Well then.





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    2. Oleks


      Yep. Sometimes I don't know how I feel about this "ponify everything" tradition.

    3. LoonaEclipse


      ok the lyra one is creppy but also funny XD  as for the other one ummm im not so sure about it XD

    4. Princess of Hearts ❤️❤️

      Princess of Hearts ❤️❤️

      I guess Lyra finally found those hands ^_^

  5. I consider EG secondary canon, and, honestly, I’ve never been a fan of it. I really dislike the high school concept and the lead character, but I admit that EG has a couple of enjoyable moments and good songs. As for Starlight, I really like her, and prefer her over any of EG characters. Her duo with Trixie is especially great and powerful.
  6. "Social distancing? I've been doing this my whole life!"
  7. Today was probably the last time I stepped out of my apartment this month.


  8. Going to work every day. But it's not a problem, as I can work from home. However, I'll probably have to cancel my plans to visit my parents this spring.
  9. Not superfast, but fast enough for me (and rather cheap): Down: 91.95 Up: 9.71 Ping: 1 ms
  10. I never knew there's an Important Pony Videos list. Watched 163 out of 287 so far, and it's great.

  11. The Irishman. It took me two days, and I found it boring. The actors are good though.
  12. Fallout 4. I quite like it, especially the random exploring and finding interesting stuff. Although it wasn't easy to start with 2 Agility and 1 Endurance after investing all skill points in Charisma and Luck.
  13. I skipped my graduation party, but remembering the people I studied with, I'd like to play something like this:
  14. Almost all soccer events are cancelled, which is understandable, but still upsetting for me as a soccer fan. Even Euro 2020 can be postponed. Some medical supplies became deficit, because people buy everything in panic. Other than that, things are not that bad for me. I work from home now, which I quite like, and I usually don't go outside if I don't have to, so nothing has changed for me in this aspect.