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  1. You’ve been gone for a month! We all miss you here ya know

  2. I know you'll be back soon, so I'll leave a hot cup of British tea for you here.

    I hope you've been enjoying yourself while you're gone. :grin:

  3. You know, I have a funny story. I actually had a dream last night that you returned to the Forums. I don't remember much outside of that, but that's the important part. No, I'm not lying either. :huh:

    I only really got the opportunity to speak to you once, way back in the Welcoming Plaza. Man, that was a long time ago. :blink: Well, wherever you are, or whatever you may be doing, I wish you well. I hope you come back to the Forums one day; it's pretty clear that many folks here cared a lot about you. :fluttershy:

    Oavsett, lycka till, Sauvage! :rarity:


    Sorry, I don't know much French at all. :please: I do know a little bit of Swedish, though!


  4. wow...look at all your fans... anyways, you better not run off with my money when I asked you to get me a drink Trotty! 

    Also, happy late birthday


  5. Hey, the holidays are long since over ajd you still aren’t back? We all miss you, it really isn’t the same without you.

  6. Brah...where you is?

  7. Happy late birthday, Trotteur! :adorkable: I hope you decide to come back soon, the forums just aren't the same without you... I hope you've had a great birthday though! :)

    RSVP! (Retournez s'il vous plait) The ultimate choice is on you. :rarity:

  8. Happy birthday, Trotteur! :D I hope you come back soon. :kindness:

  9. Happy birthday friend! :fluttershy: I hope you don't get too many notifications when you return. ^_^ If you choose to. :icwudt:

  10. Happy birthday, my friend! I hope you'll come back to read it as soon as possible!^_^

  11. Hope you're having a great Birthday, Monsieur Sauvage. Hope to see you back soon, buddy. 👌 

  12. joyeux anniversaire, mon cher. :twi: Come back soon.

  13. Bon anniversaire, mon amie! :) 

  14. Happy birthday, @Trotteur Sauvage! Hope you have a great one! :)