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  1. Hello my friends,

    I'm sad to announce you that I'm leaving the forum, for good.
    It was an amazing year I spend with you guys !
    I have nothing but good memories here, but I have to move on. And I know that you all understand this.
    I'll never forget the amazing people I met here,
    I'll never forget this amazing community,
    I'll never forget the laughs,
    I'll never forget the fun in that Game Section (boy what a year !)
    I'm really sad to do this, but I can't keep lying to myself and to you by saying I'll come back.

    I wish you all the best, I really hope all of you will have a great life !
    I hope you had a great Christmas, I wish you a happy new year !
    I hope you'll find love, happiness, or whatever you're looking for. I wish you all a GREAT and long life !

    ( And if someday, you're feeling down, think about Trotteur Sauvage a'ight ? He'll appreciate it ! )
    Au revoir mes petits poneys, on se reverra dans une autre vie ! Je vous aime vous m'avez fait kiffer !!

    :orly::orly::orly::orly:  Paix et vive Luna :orly::orly::orly::orly:

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    2. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      I wish you the best Trotteur, and thanks for making me smile. Happy new year :mlp_rarity:

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Aww, sad to see you go....but thanks for being an awesome friend and for making the forum games section so much fun! I wish you the best of luck! Farewell and happy New Year! :oneheckofahat:

    4. TBD


      *sign* I guess I'll say it then....

      (ahem) I'm gonna miss ya here trotty. You're a good friend and all and who actually make this forum fun. I won't forget all the great time you contributed to this forum and hey, I will definitely keep in touch with ya on discord. Thanks for being a friend! 

      Well I guess that wasn't so hard being nice to trotty. :laugh:

  2. You're back! Again....

    1. Trotteur Sauvage

      Trotteur Sauvage

      Yeah, I came here from time to time :mlp_yeehaa:

    2. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      I don't really know why I'm so excited when a person I barely met and talked to comes back here

  3. Eeek, you were back at some point! I do plan on leaving the forums, but I’m glad you’re okay. -Nature Tune

    1. Trotteur Sauvage

      Trotteur Sauvage

      Sorry I'm kinda "back" from time to time

  4. I'm just so glad you're back

  5. Okay ponies, it's been fun to see your faces again. And sorry once again I disappear without telling you before.:sunny:

    As I said, I'll try to log on from time to time, maybe once a week,
    Maybe more ;)
    Maybe less :sealed:
    I can't just leave you like that, I mean, y'all need your weekly dose of Trotty :orly:

    Good night y'all, j'vous kiff tous mes poneys :toldya:

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    2. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      Glad to have you back, my man! :D 

    3. Inactive User

      Inactive User

      Good to see you again, mon ami. :mlp_yeehaa:

      Hope you're doing well. In the meantime, take care of yourself, buddy. :mlp_smug:

    4. Deae Rising Shine~
  6. Don't you know that I'm invincible ?
  7. That's a honor I miss his crazy reactions too
  8. Hè merde, it's been a while uh ? :twi:

    As you can see, I've been away for a long time. :lie: I'm sorry I disappear like this without any explanation but a lot of thing happen in my life and I clearly didn't have time for the forum, and I also realised that this forum was stealing a lot of my free time, almost every evening.
    This and all the thing I had to do, I naturally stop going here.:blush:
    I'm so so so so sorry, I should have take 5 minutes to explain y'all that I'll be gone for a while.

    I'm doing this now because things have cooled down and I feel like I needed (and have) to explain you all this.
    I'm sorry if you felt "betrayed" or if you thought something happened to me. Don't worry I'm okay

    But the thing is, I clearly don't have the time any more for the forum (sorry sorry sorry sorry)
    I'll come from time to time to answer your questions etc

    But if you want to talk to me I suggest you to send me a MP and I'll give you a way to join me ;)

    I've had an amazing time here and I met a lot of great people, I wish you all to have an amazing life full of happiness ^_^

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    2. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Well I'll be... if it isn't the Forums' Favorite Frenchman himself. :D

      I wouldn't worry too much about us, however; whatever path you may chose, I am positive your friends will support you. :darling: They know you are well, and I am sure that is enough. Be that as it may, I am very glad to know that you are well yourself, even if our interactions have been... rather finite.

      Though we may not have been thoroughly acquainted, I wish you luck in your future endeavors! :grin:

    3. Gabosor



      Oh, hey! It is real? What I am seeing es real? :o you are finally back!

      I have to say that it has been completely unexpected, but in a great pleasure to see that you are here again, at least we know that you are well and happy with what you do :grin:

    4. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      TROTTY, OH MY GOD!!! :P 

      I missed you, man! :D 

  9. Welcome Back, My Friend! :squee:



    1. Trotteur Sauvage

      Trotteur Sauvage

      I don't know what those emoticons means but have a candy ! :mlp_icwudt:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Thank You, My Friend! :squee:

      The emoticon I gave you is Applejack's hoof. :mlp_yeehaa: