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    Boston, East England, UK (not Massachusetts, the other one!)
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    Never trust anypony who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, does not try it on.
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    Hadn't even heard of MLP until beginning of June 2016. Well I was vaguely aware that some toys of that name existed. Discovered it purely by chance on one of the UK Freeview channels. It just so happened that at that particular time of day it was about halfway through an episode, season 5 I think, but can't remember which ep. Pretty sure it was a scene showing Twilight being vocal about something. It impinged on my consciousness, so I gave it 5 minutes worth, and to cut a long story short I noticed that it would be repeated again later that evening along with another ep, so I recorded them to watch later. And recorded and watched the next day's, and the next, and so on, and so here we are. Have now got all the DVD sets up to season 4, currently seasons 5 & 6 recorded.

    Other fave cartoons include: MLP, Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, Stressed Eric, Gogs, Bernie And Corneil, Spongebob Squarepants, Angry Kid. Oh mustn't forget Larva! I am also indebted to MLP for incidentally introducing me to Larva; the Freeview channel would sometimes throw in a Larva cartoon after an MLP to help pad out what was left of the remaining 30 minutes. Larva is hysterically funny, hadn't laughed so much in ages. I also like most Disney stuff, speshly the earlier ones which made an indelible impression on me as a child. E.g. was obsessed with Fantasia for quite a while.

    Fave bands / music artists I like (quick trawl thru iTunes): Seal, Alanis Morisette, All Saints, The Beatles, Beck Sian, The Blue Nile, The Bangles, Coldplay, Level 42, David Bowie, Elbow, Electro Guzzi, Fonogeri, Genesis, Gerard Presencer, Jakatta, Jethro Tull, Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush, Clannad, Enya, Louise Rednapp, Madness, Mahvishnu Orchestra, Madonna, Martyn Bennett, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Noel Gallagher / Oasis, Pat Metheney Group, Paul Simon, Sugababes, Thievery Corporation, This Way Up, Tiesto, Toyah Willcox, UB40 ... I'm always making playlists; I also listen to radio a lot and am often grabbed by some tune, so it gets added to a playlist. There are a few of these 'Compilations' on my YouTube channel. (search for playlists 'Compilation [Roman numerals]')

    I used to draw and paint quite a bit when I was younger, but that petered out over time, life and work getting in the way! But would like to get back into it again. In the meantime my other interests include designing and building Hi-Fi gear and tube amplifiers, and motorbiking - I currently own a Piaggio X10 scooter. Also like reading Sci-fi paperbacks.

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  1. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "That wasn't your brakes failing, it was ice, the tyres slipping and the ABS kicking in" (^ this is for real)
  2. Arrived at The Geese And Fountain, and then my iPhone gave me directions from The Geese And Fountain, to, The Geese And Fountain. Honest I've not made this up.



  3. hey im bored, and you dont know me.

    wanna chat?

  4. Tropical Melody

    Say something totally random!

    This cat does not approve of square corners.
  5. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    There is nothing here. Whatever you were looking for doesn't currently exist at this address. Unless you were looking for this page, in which case: congratulations! You totally found it.
  6. Tropical Melody

    What are you listening to right now?

    Neil Diamond Brooklyn Roads. Never heard this before! -
  7. Tropical Melody

    The recent purchases thread

    Had to look up frag tank. Ah!!! Yeah cool.
  8. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    Alcatraz is like a home sweet home, so wanted and I'm never alone
  9. Tropical Melody

    What was the last food you ate?

    Got some mince and bolognese sauce left over from before, tho not a lot, so bulked it out by frying up some chopped tomato with a bit of mixed peppers, a splash of garlic granules, and a (also leftover) half a small tin of baked beans, on spaghetti, sounds like bit of a strange combination but it was nom-a-licious
  10. Tropical Melody

    The recent purchases thread

    Not sure what it is, but, yeah cool? And yes it is! Not half bad must be said. And the peak still good for keeping the low winter sun out of the eyes especially driving.
  11. Tropical Melody

    The recent purchases thread

    This! Warmer than a baseball cap I'm hoping.
  12. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    Dead car after loud hissing noise and smoke.
  13. Tropical Melody

    What was the last food you ate?

    Forgot to post yesterday! (Again!) Spaghetti bollog-naisey....... - And not out of a tin! (Well the sauce was out of a jar. But added a few diced peppers and the magic ingredient, ketchup. ) Todays so far was an egg and bacon fry up, on toast, with beans and tinned tomatoes
  14. Tropical Melody

    Say something totally random!

    Who are you, to tell me I can't have furry dice?
  15. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    The Lancrastian idea of posh sanitation was a non-slippery path to the privy and a mail-order catalogue with really soft pages. and ... Inside every fat girl is a thin girl and a lot of chocolate.