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    Boston, East England, UK (not Massachusetts, the other one!)
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    Never trust anypony who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, does not try it on.
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    Hadn't even heard of MLP until beginning of June 2016. Well I was vaguely aware that some toys of that name existed. Discovered it purely by chance on one of the UK Freeview channels. It just so happened that at that particular time of day it was about halfway through an episode, season 5 I think, but can't remember which ep. Pretty sure it was a scene showing Twilight being vocal about something. It impinged on my consciousness, so I gave it 5 minutes worth, and to cut a long story short I noticed that it would be repeated again later that evening along with another ep, so I recorded them to watch later. And recorded and watched the next day's, and the next, and so on, and so here we are. Have now got all the DVD sets up to season 4, currently seasons 5 & 6 recorded.

    Other fave cartoons include: MLP, Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, Stressed Eric, Gogs, Bernie And Corneil, Spongebob Squarepants, Angry Kid. Oh mustn't forget Larva! I am also indebted to MLP for incidentally introducing me to Larva; the Freeview channel would sometimes throw in a Larva cartoon after an MLP to help pad out what was left of the remaining 30 minutes. Larva is hysterically funny, hadn't laughed so much in ages. I also like most Disney stuff, speshly the earlier ones which made an indelible impression on me as a child. E.g. was obsessed with Fantasia for quite a while.

    Fave bands / music artists I like (quick trawl thru iTunes): Seal, Alanis Morisette, All Saints, The Beatles, Beck Sian, The Blue Nile, The Bangles, Coldplay, Level 42, David Bowie, Elbow, Electro Guzzi, Fonogeri, Genesis, Gerard Presencer, Jakatta, Jethro Tull, Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush, Clannad, Enya, Louise Rednapp, Madness, Mahvishnu Orchestra, Madonna, Martyn Bennett, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Noel Gallagher / Oasis, Pat Metheney Group, Paul Simon, Sugababes, Thievery Corporation, This Way Up, Tiesto, Toyah Willcox, UB40 ... I'm always making playlists; I also listen to radio a lot and am often grabbed by some tune, so it gets added to a playlist. There are a few of these 'Compilations' on my YouTube channel. (search for playlists 'Compilation [Roman numerals]')

    I used to draw and paint quite a bit when I was younger, but that petered out over time, life and work getting in the way! But would like to get back into it again. In the meantime my other interests include designing and building Hi-Fi gear and tube amplifiers, and motorbiking - I currently own a Piaggio X10 scooter. Also like reading Sci-fi paperbacks.

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  1. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    It was funny how people were people everywhere you went, even if the people concerned weren't the people that the people who made up the phrase "people are people everywhere" had traditionally thought of as people. "Many of them wouldn't know a pick-axe if you hit them with it." It was mostly unexplored too. At least by proper explorers. Just living there didn't count. He wasn't strictly aware of it, but he treated even geography as if he was investigating a crime. ("Did you see who carved out this valley? Would you recognise that glacier if you saw it again?") "The Ancient Greeks wrote in legend of a terrible container in which all the evils of the world were trapped. How prophetic they were. All they got wrong was the name. They called it 'Pandora's Box', when, of course, they meant 'Baldrick's Trousers'" ...
  2. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "Corporal Cheery Littlebottom pronounced her name 'Cheri' ..."
  3. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    67% of smartphone owners admit to checking their phone for messages when it didn't vibrate or ring. This is one major sign of cell phone dependence and should serve as a warning to all cell phone users.
  4. d58jpnq-68963f3b-becd-4071-9178-8d42f46c

    From DA via Pinterest


    1. Sparklefan1234


      The Mysterious Mare in the Moon :orly:

  5. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    [Re, power assisted steering] - "Try a Kia Picanto for sharp steering BTW, the number of times I've almost hurled the common daugter-in-law's little beastie into the decorative roadside bits by the corners."
  6. Tropical Melody

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    Floppy disc drives Star Wars theme
  7. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "This man has stopped to help me on his Russian motorbike. I think he's going to give me some petrol. What a nice man! Maybe I should pay him. Me Dong's going to be all soggy isn't it?"
  8. Tropical Melody

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    Spongebob Squarepants Once I knew this guy who knew this guy...
  9. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "What do you want, you glaiket loon?"
  10. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "Have you ever had your suction mount drop off?"
  11. Tropical Melody

    Say something totally random!

    You're right sometimes it's not actually needed. But is elsewhere!
  12. Tropical Melody

    Say something totally random!

    A pox on this minimum characters! *fist-wave*
  13. Tropical Melody

    What was the last food you ate?

    Sort of a cottage pie thingy - well basically the same stuff, put together but not actually achieving a pie shape - minced beef fried in sunflower seed oil with chopped onion, mixed peppers and garlic, and black pepper, and had with mashed potato and a bit of leftover brocolli.
  14. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "Is there a book? I mean, books often delve deeper and give you more insight into the character's motivations and often contain more subplots than the movie." "It's more of a pamphlet, really..."
  15. Tropical Melody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    Your home's temperature was 1.4°C Higher than other Hive homes near you