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  1. I love that one also. Also how how have you been?
  2. I’ve recently realized I’m actually transgender. Which means I’m really a girl. I can’t really do anything to transiton now. But just identifying as a transgirl feels better than saying I’m a guy. Anyways that’s it. I’m just a transgirl.
  3. So I’m a transgirl now. I’ve been thinking about my gender a lot lately. And honestly the last time I did this was when I was 13. 




    I really wanted to be a girl when I was 13. It was something I thought about constantly. And I guess I stopped thinking about that sometime before I turned 15. 






    Anyways I’ve just realized that even though I don’t hate being male, I’d much prefer to live my life as a girl then as a boy. So that means I’m transgneder. And that I’m a transgirl. 





    Cant really do anything about transitioning now. But I’ll see.

  4. Kind of don’t think I’ll dver really be active on this site again. Though I’ll try checking in occasionally.

  5. Are you doing well?

  6. How are you doing?

  7. Yeah that's what I said. And even if you haven't seen the leaks the trailer for mlp s8 was released and it already confirmed one aspect of the leaks if you hadn't watched the leaks from before.
  8. Yeah it's funny this leak is true because of what else we already know.
  9. I'm an atheist so I don't got to church.
  10. Well considering the other leaks this is probably true.
  11. Yeah that's why I want to write a redo fic of it
  12. Well okay. I just thought there was a more meaningful way they could have written the episode.
  13. So how are you doing?

    1. Starlight


      I'm fine, thanks. You?

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