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  1. I... have been meaning to ask about your cover photo. Perhaps its just my crooked mind, but the angle seems a tad suspicious to me somehow. Fan art you've done before, I take it?

    1. MaryxMelody


      Nah, me and my best friend Kalei did a collab

      Koppy /Collab|Ocs\


    2. Widdershins


      Is that a teabag or... oh, I see it now! Its a picture you did of them! Looks pretty small from the side! That's pretty clever & cute! Really love your cutie mark symbol too!

  2. Mariela And Wafflez Trade Booth

    Okay! MarielaAndWafflez, THere are some examples there! I would love to art trade with you if you are still up for it? =D
  3. IM ALIVE! Just not very active lol

  4. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang watched Techno, getting slightly scared and worried
  5. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang watched Techno. Muddle seemed to be having trouble but, Yang had some hope for her.
  6. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang sighed a sigh a relief. She had always been bad at making choices. That was the hardest thing on her part but she was proud, Yang thought she did the right thing. She looked and watche Muddle try the course.
  7. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang thought nervously for a second. After 15 seconds " uhh.. R-right. " Yang said
  8. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang stepped up. She started running. She made it through them. She had trouble in the anti-gravity zones though.
  9. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang got nervous at first but shook it off easily. She had been through this before. At least she thought. "Im ready!"
  10. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang thinks for a second. "Okay! That seems pretty cool! I would love to see when you are done!" Yang smiles
  11. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang's ear twitched. "Oh, thanks!" Yang smiled, at Muddle. Yang was eager to try it as she had never tested out her skills in a long while.
  12. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang walked up to Woody. "Where is this course? I would like to try it out." Yang had a determined look on her face as she flicked her tail. Jess, her dog had gone home. Her friend was taking care of her.
  13. The New Element Of Harmony

    Yang looks over to Muddle." I am Yang! i am new here, heh." Yang said ackwardly
  14. The New Element Of Harmony

    "Hmm.. I am very agile and stealthy. My childhood friend's dad was in the military so, he taught us some over is military gymnastics. As we all got older, he taught us how to shoot a gun. Is all of thats any good!" Yang smiled. Hoping this would be any good!