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  1. Yer welcome =) Thank you
  2. ommggg, I love it so so so much! Thank youuu
  3. Open

    @MaryxMelody @Blitz Boom "Alright!" Mary sat down to wait for her. She looked at the ground and levitated a stick and played around with it until she got back.
  4. Open

    @Maple Bat Mary registered what Maple said. She looked at Maple's wings and shrugged. It looked normal to her. "Well, would you like me to ask and you can stay in the back?" Mary tried to think of something.
  5. Open

    @Maple Bat @Shineling @Blitz Boom Mary followed Maple. "Yea, its did." Mary replied Not knowing how she felt about LGBT ponies she referred to her as a friend. "Oh, uh. She is just a friend of mine. She had to go back to work. She works as a cloud clearer pony.
  6. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Maple Bat @Shineling Mary resisted the urge to suddenly hug Maple. Mary felt the annoyed vibes, coming from Maple. She moved next to Maple again. She looked behind her real quick and saw Lighting had gone back to work. She shrugged a bit. " Ya. Thanks for the tip!" Mary thought for a monent and looked at Maple. "Wanna go find "Disco Discord?" Mary said quoting Pinkie.
  7. Bump I love your art! I wish I could commission you one day!
  8. Open

    @Shineling @Maple Bat @Blitz Boom "Alright. Thanks Pinkie! That helps alot!" Mary smiled and looked at Maple. Mary's necklace had started to grow pink, black, and magenta. She panicked and quickly gave it a nudge causing it to stop glowing all together.
  9. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Maple Bat @Shineling Mary's mind suddenly clicked at what was said in her ear a couple seconds ago. She quickly took a flower from the birds neck. She looked at Maple and blew it in her face real quick. Waiting for a reaction, Mary giggled a bit and sipped her pumpkin juice. Enjoying it quite a bit actually. Mary smile and chugged the whole thing down after realizing she loved it so much. "Yea. We were going to try and find someone named Discord. I thought he was a statue but I may be wrong." Mary shrugged a bit. Mary's necklace glowed yellow and light pink, with joy and friendship.
  10. @Spacey Eee! Thank youu! I love itt
  11. You were here last time! Go home and take your clothes!
  12. **Boops Vinyl** ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,