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  1. I think it could be possible another movie if Hasbro gets good sales from the first one and sees an opportunity. However, I don't think it would be a good idea.
  2. I think that if the film was originally crafted as the end of the series, they almost surely put the most of their effort in that film. Something similar happened in MMC, where they got many resources to make that only episode special. If that is the case, I'm even more hyped for the film now. Of course, being the case that the movie was actually made as the series finale.
  3. As the post above, just realized they were in the Library. Well, they used recycled animation I guess. I'm getting moderately excited for the S7.
  4. I don't think the movie will be that sappy. Yes it will have it's "free hugs" moments, but taken to a reasonable pace. The trailer just had a too sweetened touch accompanied with a lot of glitter. After all, it's a little girls movie that considers a wider audience (from parents to fans).
  5. As much as I love the concept of Nightmare Rarity, regardless as how the comics handled it, if there is any possibility to put it on the show's canon, the movie seems to be the less probable place to put it in. It´s a concept that could fit better as a two parter of the series because not everyone will come to see the movie knowing about Nightmare Moon or Rarity, it's likely more of a fan-driven theme for the show. In some way could work in the movie, but I think DHX and Hasbro has thought something out that fits better in a cinematic event for a more broader audience, as well as a plot t
  6. This is a question mostly for the oldest fans of mlp dating from around 2010-2012. I'm doing this because I want to know the perception of somebody who has watched the show from the time where they where only two alicorns , when lived the "golden age" of the fandom and had a different excitement for mlp.
  7. It's very posible, but I think that it depends on how the movie is going to develop. MLP has been emotional before, so I think that the show crew may have prepared something big in that film.
  8. Welcome! Hope it goes awesome for you in the forum. I'm new as well .
  9. I am a 17 year old man with a great enthusiasm on the show and it's fandom. I'm here to make two or more discussions about it, that could be the new seasons, the movie, fandom topics, or other things that surround the MLP spectrum. Within my interest with MLP there is some desire to make a good project or work for the fandom, that has been making some great ideas in my mind. I'm also interested in what could be the history of the fandom, because I find it pretty amazing to see how exponentially we have grown to this actual stage and size, after all it's twists and turns. However, I'm also
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