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  1. I don't know how could I be so dumb to return here thinking things could  have changed....  mean you were and mean you remained. 

    1. Libra


      Dont worry sly, ive been dealt a bad hand

  2. Guys.... I know that I already asked it plenty of times in past, but..... after a really really really painful event that happened to me today, I have to ask you again, and I'm sorry to use a blog post for this but I really have to: people of MLPforums, do you still care for the Mane 6?
  3. Again: if they are planning to start the G5 with the Movie AND they are planning to release it in 2019, it means that almost everything is settled. Most of the contents of the leaked folder are very recent, so the decision of the FiM ending with the S9 and the G5 starting with a Movie in 2019 seems to have been taken since some years already. We still have to see if they are gonna delay the G5 Movie in favor of a 26 episodes S9 for FiM or are going to keep things as they are, but that the S9 will be the last one, seems to be like a fact. Chances of things getting changed are rather slim.
  4. Well, if there is something I would be skeptical about, would be this: The sheet I attached says that they want to end FiM ASAP (As soon as possible) in order for the G5 movie releasing after the end of it, and that makes me worried about the S9 being rushed like Hasbro did with the S3 by forcing the writers to rush it, and considering that De Lancie is doing recording work for it already in December makes me quite worried of that being the case. At the very least I REALLY hope that the second special which we could consider the series finale (even because in the mail it was asked to label it as 914 and 915 in production order)doesn't get the same treatment. I love MLP, the S7 was amazing, and the S8 looks very promising, and I'd HATE to see it ending on a sour note after so many fantastic seasons. Let's hope for the best. ECQ_2P26.jpg_small
  5. No offence but... This seems kinda of a denial phase for you guys. If the next Movie is about the G5 and it's going to be released by the end 2019 it means it has been planned for a long time (I might point that the MLP Movie started its production way back in 2013 you know), and if concept of the new Mane 6 of G5 are already there, it means things are already in a production phase from which they can't turn back from. If the second Movie is already in production, it will be focused on G5 and will be released in 1.5-2 years by now, there is no chance for Hasbro having a change of mind. So to cut it short: the S9 is the last one, and then the G5 will start. No chances of things going differently. Make a deal with that guys. Besides I personally think it will be for the best. The only uncertain thing is about the amount of episodes of S9 (both the sheet and the mail point it as final season, but the first says it has 13 episodes, the other 26. The Mail seems to be relatively recent though, as it dates back to just a pair of months ago, so 13 is more likely) but aside that.
  6. Well that it gets 13 or 26 episodes, the S9 will be the last one, and that seems to be a fact.
  7. Sly

    I'm leaving...

    Well.... this is it for me... I'm leaving not only this very forum but the brony fandom in general. This fandom has become so unstandeable to me that I just can't take this anymore. The Mane 6 are some of the most inspirational characters ever, and somehow they've become overhated for whatever reason by their own fan... neither an entire season and a Movie that shown them all at their best changed this, on the opposite somehow they made them getting more hate... it's just disgusting. I'm sorry if I sounded rude but I just had to take it out. I think it's time for me to leave... hoping that my taking distance from this fandom full of traitors and hipocrites will help me returning enjoy the characters as I always should have. Goodbye.
  8. If you remember any episode with such a long list of VAs involved (also it's even longer since this is the part 2 list and doesn't include the ones appeared only in the first half)...... I think putting both the parts together, this was the MLP episode with the largest cast of voice actors of the entire series.
  9. Darn straight! But by the time it officially aired in USA, I also considered another little detail: as he was their teacher over a thousand of years before the events of the series, now that Starswirl is back in the present timeline, the possibilities of seeing the backstory of Luna and Celestia have been highly raised!
  10. Here's your answer.
  11. large.png

    Twilight.... I wonder if I'm the only in the world who despite everything (and for "everything" I mean the almost total absence of episodes for her in S6) still loves her so much...

    The S7 really helped the character getting back on track, but I wonder why, that won't change the minds of the avarages bronies...

    1. PuddingPonyPal


      Twilight will always be one of my favorites. 

  12. Good review as always Bat. It's almost time for me to go now, but before I have to tell to two people something... you are one of them. But first I have to read your finale's review, so I will have to wait after its airing. I won't get to detail for now, I will just say... please Bat, don't let me down you too...
  13. .... *sigh* I'm gonna get some hate for this but, I have to be honest: I'm skeptical about Tirek's return, because as of today, Twilight's Kingdom is still my favorite MLP production to date, and if somehow this return of him manages to ruin everything.... well, I wouldn't be happy.... at all...
  14. Are you saying they could repeat the same thing they did with the MLP Movie but with the roles of Storm king and Tempest played by Tirek and Chrysalis? Doesn't seem pretty redundant to you?
  15. And of course, as always, the poll says that the vast majority loved it, but are the very few who hated it to be the most vocal about it... why I'm still here I wonder?