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  1. i guess there is no way to accept someone to fallow you before they add me....

  2. Private match on modern warfare for ps4 anyone ?

  3. so im going to wait for the rest of the series comes out so i can watch season 7 non stop still re watching mlp though, im at the sleep over episode...*groans ahhhg twilight why be so blind in this episode.

  4. next week going to be busy with games , outlast 2, cod ww2 reveal, and prey. whats going on all of a sudden XD

    1. Kenshiro


      They are good games but dont waste your precious time with games too much. Time is passing too fast, isnt it ?



      yep and the 25th just cant get here sooner ! D :

    3. Kenshiro


      More sooner than expected ;)

  5. welp at this point of time for now i know now that i am fully gay ^.^
  6. i hope outlast 2 insane mode or whatever its going to be called will include checkpoints this time <.< this trophy shouldnt exist..

  7. welp...goodby xbox it was a good run but you are now my 4k blu ray player now...why wont you load my games?! if and when xbox gets a new game out no not halo or any of the racing games like brand new then i may consider playing on it again if it messes up again.. then its not my gaming console anymore just a 4k blu ray player.

  8. 4 days left ! : D

  9. is a camera for the ps4 still worth buying ? i might do a broadcasto r stream or whatever you call it for outlast 2 lol.

  10. man outlast came out in 2013...its 4 years old ! and outlast 2 comes out next tuesday.... this is going to be awsome !

  11. alright...ive got sinked into the trixie and starlight ship.....there so cute togather ! : D ....i still have mt twilight/celestia ship....dont judge me ! XD

  12. hmmm she doesnt have a horn, well im not that screwed then i can just do this ! *uses magic to make a shield bubble* there we go ^^
  13. does anyone played outlast ? or into horror games ? : D

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      i havent played those yet someday i will lol i cant wait for outlast 2 ! XD

    3. Chrylestia600


      Admittedly, I've hardly played any horror games yet. BUT, I really want to. I LOVE horror in general.

    4. Chrylestia600


      @Burpy Oh, that reminds me, I've played Slender: The Arrival.

  14. does anyone have dish ? i want to know if anyone have these problems....

  15. modern warfare remastered.....defenitly addicted to cod series.....i dont care what you guys say XD yes i tried battlefield one....the controlls are just off and feels weird to me xD
  16. will starlight and sunset shimmer ever see eachother ? o.o and no do not count EG!

    1. BastementSparkle


      That would require Sunset showing up in the show itself in the first place then, which I doubt would ever happen, so likely not. Starlight's seen a picture of Sunset in the comics though.

    2. Black Sabbath

      Black Sabbath

      Sunset isn't going to show up in the show anytime soon so the chances of that happening are very slim.  

  17. not sure...how long i can...stay up. D :

  18. is ponytown still alive ? also is it safe to be on since its been a while now ?

  19. can someone delete this topic ? i need to re make a new one xD and yes i know  i can re edit the whole post...


  20. so i decided to not be a furry i dont think i can handle two fandoms at once its..its too much lol but i changed  wolf to pony but i still like my griffen pony idea well it was wolf but decided to change it to griffin the pony xD

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    2. Barpy


      for me it's the cuteness, like mlp :3 and friends being it + one czech site im on that about furries :D 



      lol ya they are cute and all xD  but i think i just joined the furry fandom too quickly and not thought about it long enough plus i felt like it didnt feel right being one but the brony fandom has and always will be my number one and first and only fandom i will ever be in....even when ill be even older ill still be in it xD LOL

    4. Thuja


      Joining a fandom is up to you, if you don't want to, don't join it.  

  21. umm if anyone is a furry with a twitter account....which twitter can i fallow ? xD

    1. Zarosian


      I used to be a furry, dun has a Twitter tho

  22. happy Easter everypony ! and decided to start watching season 7 instead of waiting till the full season XD

  23. ohh ya!  liking the new name already xD

  24. i think im going to wait for the whole season be uploaded then start watching the whole season 7 before the movie although i may not resist xD

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