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  1. IGN: mandalorian4u Nickname: battle_panda please transfer over my fluttershy gallery. I am well aware that the maps won't transfer over, and that's fine. -1926 72 -23297 - old server -624 102 2245 - new server
  3. Do you guys have any updates? It's been rather quiet for a couple weeks.
  4. Thank you for that update. Really that's all I, and apparently I wasn't the only one, wanted to know. Where things are at. I don't care about a specific time. Would it be nice if things happened that way? Yes. But I understand that things happen that are unexpected. Just please stop leaving everyone in the dark and wondering what's going on.
  5. I would just like to have a straight answer as to when the server is going to be updated. Also, when is 1.11 going to be implemented? I'm tired of hearing "the server is going to be updated soon". I would like to have as close as to a straight answer as possible.
  6. I'm not yelling. I'm just flat out frustrated because no one is saying anything, I never get any answers when I do log on to the server, and I have to get mad in order to FINALLY get a half answer that still says a whole lot of nothing. So excuse my pissed off-ness because I can't get a bloody answer from anyone I've talked to. This is bloody ridiculous that there is no communication between players and staff, just these long times of silence, and frankly it's making me want to not join the server ever again. It's not that I don't like the server, but if the staff is going to treat us this way, then I think that isn't right.
  7. So MC just updated to 1.11. What is taking so long to get the map updated?!? At this rate, there's going to be several new versions before you even get 1.10 up and running! So now do we have to wait even longer because you guys are going to now update to 1.11? GIVE US A BLOODY UPDATE!!!!
  8.'s been quite some time since we last heard any news about the update. And if we were getting a post every little bit to tell us where the staff is in building 1.10 I wouldn't mind it's taking so long. But the complete silence from anyone about the update is very frustrating. The staff on the server keep saying, "Oh, it's almost ready, maybe the end of the week." is getting real old real fast. Because the end of each week comes and hey look, the server STILL hasn't updated. Please keep us updated. I want to play on the server. I like the server. But the silence about any information is very very frustrating.
  9. Welcome to MLP Forums, mandalorian4u! I hope you have a great time here. /)