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  1. Well now i know you are just making stuff up. I guess bickering is gonna solve world problems then huh?. Its usually through teamwork that people can make stuff happen and you dont know what you are talking about here.
  2. You are wrong. When people work together they can accomplish anything. Havent you watched the friendship lessons twilight says?
  3. btw i dont think Lauren Faust would want it that way. I know she is a feminist from what i get
  4. If there ever should be a black president in the future then it should be Ben Carson. A true worthy guy who deserved it more than Obama.
  5. Hold on. I am saying why is being born a male a sin these days?. If someone is being bad then you have every right to say so. Its not against the law.
  6. If you support killing civilians.. Lets say muslims who say nonbelievers should be killed. Then you kinda are a killer. Dont see the issue if its to eliminate terrorists. Do you like murderers and killers or something? There is literally nothing good about theocrats, those people are crazy and needs to stay where they are and figure it out themself in my honest view in terms of what society they want to live in or build in the future
  7. You do know Trump has no interest in foreign wars right? He wants to fight ISIS but thats a good reason to since its a international threat. He talks about rebuilding NATO to cover anti terrorism. What part of his strategy is bad again?
  8. The only difference is he will be making it glorious! Lol, best cynical loser at best. This guy didnt really leave Iraq the best way leading the Iraqi military to give up, and from that ISIS was created. Oh yes what a terrific president.
  9. Well i am not going to respond to the other stuff, but there should exist conservative LGBT group like Milo Yiannopoulos. But generally its just because of religion i think or theocracy. Which is good to be against. So you are honestly just fighting for theocrats to limit lgbt in general. Do something sensical and be against evil, which is why we need to make this happen. Make the world great
  10. Not me though. I am from Norway and i am super happy that Trump won!
  11. Its called being a hypocrite. The guy who disliked big banks gave it to someone who is basically the big banks. He could've given it to Jill Stein or any other, but nope he chose Hillary. His followers and him were big losers in my view, i am not huge fan of socialism since i feel its all about handouts and not really encouraging working spirit. I am not hugely anti socialism, just the effect it has on lazyness.
  12. That guy sucked. He gave away his donations to the Clinton campaign. He deserved to lose honestly. His followers were among the most violent angry people ever.
  13. Well we need conservative LGBT community. Milo Yiannopoulos is one for example, although i dont agree with everything he says. I dislike that democrats drag people into a political group on orientation, its exploitation purely. Which is why we need to make Cobainism a new religion. I made a thread about it but i think it got deleted
  14. The mad man did it. 276 votes. I need to celebrate this. Not from USA, but congratz!!!
  15. I love it. The dark sky and chill air. Absolutely.