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  1. Jalaton

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Was thinking about finishing up an assignment I have for school.
  2. Very rarely, pretty much only if I'm going out for dinner or if it's offered to me.
  3. No, I love snow. Winter is my favourite season, I Iove the atmosphere. I also love listing to my family complain when they hear we're getting another dumping of snow.
  4. I'm not sure. I think I do if I'm just browsing. If I find the cover of a book unappealing I think I'm more likely to overlook it. I usually know the book I want to get before I go to the library though so I don't really care about the cover in that case.
  5. Jalaton

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    Huh, this things gotten pretty high. 51643
  6. What about something like two papers with one slightly off from the other so the bottom paper can be seen. And on the papers is a stick pony going through a walk cycle (hopefully that made sense and wouldn't be too crowded). I have no idea if that's been done before. Not sure about a name though.
  7. I don't call myself a brony. I'll call myself an MLP fan but that's as far as it goes. I dunno, I just really don't want to label myself as a brony. I don't really care if other people want to call me that though.
  8. I like to read any story longer than 5000 words. Although if it isn't finished and it's under 40 000 words I usually don't bother with it unless it sounds really interesting.
  9. Jalaton

    General What's Your Ancestry?

    Yeah there's a tone of places you could go to. I've never been to either of those place before but it be cool to visit. Especially if I could see some Elephants or something outside of a zoo. Thanks. I actually had no idea at the time that that was what it meant. I just put together a bunch of letters and thought that it sounded nice and then somebody told me that it meant legless in Finnish.
  10. Jalaton

    General What's Your Ancestry?

    African and some Indian if you look back far enough on my mom's side.
  11. I've only watched it once. Although I've listened to the "Helping Twilight Win the Crown" song many many more times.
  12. Alright, I just watched the season premiere. My first thought, it had nice effects. My second, Discord! Anyone else getting the feeling this will be the last season?

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    2. Jalaton


      I dunno, I guess it was just the whole giving up the elements thing that has me feeling that way.

    3. Skullbuster


      well, maybe that will force them to find more creative ways to dispatch evil

    4. Jalaton


      True. That'd be pretty cool to see. I think I'm looking forward to this season even more now.

  13. I'll watch it on youtube, same as how I've always watched mlp. As for the when, I guess I'll watch it whenever I get around to it. I might forget since there's lots of other stuff I want to do on Saturday.
  14. Yeah I guess they're both a bit overhyped. Although I don't notice it as much for Rainbow Dash. Probably because I like Rainbow Dash way more than Fluttershy.
  15. Jalaton

    Gaming Pokemon Moves

    1. Hmm favourite move... never thought about that before. I guess I like Quiver Dance (when I'm using it) or any boosting moves that buff up more than one stat. For attacking moves I like Comet Punch, just cause it seems like it would be so cool to see in real life. Man that was tough since I don't really have a favourite move. I have moves I like (which is most moves), moves I don't like and moves I just don't care about. 2. Attract... cause, reasons I guess Extreme Speed (if I could avoid killing myself with it) 3. I'd like a Special version of Close Combat. Can't think of a name
  16. Jalaton

    Mega Thread What color are your eyes?

    My eyes are a very dark brown colour. They look black, but if you shine enough light on them you can see that they're actually brown.
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