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  1. Lets see, i just had a peanut butter milkshake and a cherry Pepsi, both of which were rather yummy yummy :3 and now i am watching a movie with people drinking blood.....not as yummy xD
  2. Uh no question at all! Physics all the way baby! Well and chemistry too, but physics is amazing! The study of motion and how things interact with the universen coupled in with the most amazing language of all- math- that literally explains and defines the universe as a beautiful artistic instrument!
  3. I think you're growing up very well Lunar. Im barely older than you, but I have seen a lot in my short enough life (financials, love, loss, even saw some of the hardest weeks of my life last year xD). One of the things I've learned most though is that the reason why a good boss seems so wise is because of the fact they allowed themselves to accept the fact they may not know everything. A true leader is not a person who is a jack of all trades, but rather an individual who can string together people of any talent and gain the insight needed to work towards a common goal. Furthermore, they have the inner strength to admit when they are wrong and that they still have much more learning to go before their time is up. I think it is best explained by this quotes: "When you are finished learning, you're simply finished." Meaning that there qill always be more to learn in life. Always
  4. Just kinda needing to talk to someone if it wouldnt be too inconvenient. Just blow off some excess steam about stuff. If anyone could help, i would appreciate it Lol amen to that! I hate doing stuff during the nighttime! I will say this though, at least nobody can bug ya during that time because they're all too tired xP
  5. Feel like i need to chat with someone.

    1. The Diver

      The Diver

      Chatting costs money

  6. Oooo, awesomeness :3 So I'm sorry that I keep posting stuff here,but I cannot help it Dx so here is me looking slightly (emphasis) country xD
  7. That awkward moment when that beautiful person staring at you is your reflection

    1. Miss


      same. Except it's not awkward it's passionate.

  8. I am feeling good today, actually. I gots myself a new haircut, yummy food, and only had to work two days this week. So i personally think that warrants me to be feeling dern good :3
  9. Just sporting the rainbow tye die in my boring old life, you know
  10. Ahhhh! Save me from sickness!!!

    1. The Diver

      The Diver


  11. Just another beautiful day :3