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  1. FlashLight is the inferior Flash ship. This is proven fact. A team of professional scientists have concluded this. On the scale of ship validity, it scores a rating of "meme".
  2. Fundamentally we're all African in origin so there's no point.
  3. A bowl of cereal, any kind of sandwich, or a quesadilla.
  4. Until recently I basically haven't had fast food in a decade. But since starting the night-shift there's been moments where I forgot or didn't have the time to pack a lunch so I'll end up going over to McDonalds to get a Big Mac or some Chicken Nuggets. And even then it's an uncommon occurrence, maybe once every other month or two. Subway though is something like once or twice a week when I'm at school because they got a place right there on campus and it's quick, easy, and I'm more comfortable with Subway than I am Pizza Hut.
  5. Not until Congress gets off its ass and admits Puerto Rico as a state, as opposed to keeping it as an unorganized, unincorporated territory. By all respects it should be a state by now. It has all the qualifications.
  6. Gee, whadda lotta concrete jungle. Maybe if we look somewhere else in New York? Unless skyscrapers are green, still not seeing them. nope Conclusion: New York isn't New York City. That'd be like saying South-East England is all London, fam.
  7. Because when you have to a refer to a group broadly it's generally easier to refer to them by the larger demonym than to inquire or throw the dice per specific persons in any one of the fifty states in the Union and its handful of territories. Further, people within the nation also migrate and move about more at ease than someone would migrating between here and Canada or Mexico, legally. So cultural uniqueness between them becomes very diffused and relatively lost to the point that cultural heritage extends towards college football loyalties. The level of migration does more for a regional identity and less so a state identity. It'd be more accurate to call someone a Yankee, Midwesterner, Pacific (South or North Westerner), Southern/Dixie, Texas, and Alaskan where the dialect and habits that'd make an actual identity become much more pronounced. But really, the "cultural differences" shared between the states and even the cultural regions of the country isn't as severe as cultural differences are inside some other countries. I'm looking at you, China. And some of these groups even don't even speak languages that are a part of the same language family as mainstream-Han. Or worship the same way. Yet bar a few exceptions, they all admit to being Chinese.
  8. Adventure. Dear God, get me out of here.
  9. http://aaronmk.deviantart.com/art/Immortal-she-Remains-654702785
  10. Well the state has skiing that's really the only major thing that comes to mind, and what state has always had based on my image of it. It's winter, the slopes should be excellent now. Unless it's getting so deep into winter the lodges are going to become full-on The Shining.
  11. Tengri is great. Tengri is love. That aside, consider for a moment that the term "pagan" is really a term used to describe those who at least are not members of the Abrahmic faiths; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. So you pretty much have a pretty thing ahead of you. As well, some pagan beliefs - at least those pertaining to Europe - are largely reconstructions and understanding them if from an academic standpoint leads down the road of romanticism since the revival in ancient German, Slavic, Finnic, and Baltic faith stems from a romanticist yearning for the noble old days. These being respectively: Heathenism, Rodnoveri, Suomenusko, Romuva. Or for something like Egyptian revival you have Kemetism. Still practicing, unbroken pagan faiths may include: Voodoo/Vodou, Zoroastrianism, Tengrism, Hinduism, Taosim, Buddhism, Jainism, Shinto, and any of the unique global shamanist and animist believes unique to any part of the world and which don't necessarily have a name or may take too long to prattle on.
  12. That he shall pave the way to glorious revolution by his very existence. That he shall be the Fulgencio Batista of the Americas. Or if all else fails we enter into a wild ride of politics and internal shitposting in which case hold onto your caps and become a politico, because you're only going to be able to best appreciate the drama as one. Or you'll be drawn into it by the storm that shall come.
  13. I think by the time you return the show'll still be in hiatus mode so nothing'll change and these requests fall on deaf ears. Oh well. Since you're going on vacation: I hear Colorado's a destination this time of year. Go forth person on your non-vacation vacation. May you travel the waves and roads of your imagination as you sit imprisoned in your own life. tfw I want to get out
  14. ITT: people would want to live at a time period where they'd live to the ripe old age of dead-at-thirty-five. No time like the present time.