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    Do not listen to the neighsayers, forge your own path, your own destiny and be accountable.
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    Science, Space, Astronomy, History, Philosophy, Dreaming, Food, Roleplaying, Creating Characters and Planets, Alternate History, Ufology, Bigfoot and other such cryptids.

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    Maud Pie
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    Nightmare Moon
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    Starlight Glimmer
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    King Sombra and Grogar
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    Chrysalis and Lord Tirek
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    The beginning of the end, both parts.
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    The song in that same episode.
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  1. Hey read some of the latest RP in Stroll - who is this Magnolia D: why is she draining magic from everypony? D:

    1. Califorum



      Magnolia is a pony who lost everything as a filly and was abandoned by those she cared about. She vowed to never be weak again, and gave into darkness and various dark magics to cope. Years passed and she perfected her magic. She never really had any friends and seeks to dominate and take over the world so she may rule everything and everyone - so that the world will be peaceful and free of evil, but under her rule and servitude. 

    2. abrony-mouse


      Thanks :) poor Magnolia though. Such a cute name for such an evil evil pony >:3

      Where does she fall on the spectrum 


    3. Califorum



      Lawful Evil for sure.

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