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    Do not listen to the neighsayers, forge your own path, your own destiny and be accountable.
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    Science, Space, Astronomy, History, Philosophy, Dreaming, Food, Roleplaying, Creating Characters and Planets, Alternate History, Ufology, Bigfoot and other such cryptids.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Best Pony
    Maud Pie
  • Best Anthropomorphic FiM Race
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    Nightmare Moon
  • Best Mane Character
    Starlight Glimmer
  • Best CMC
    King Sombra and Grogar
  • Best Secondary/Recurring Character
    Chrysalis and Lord Tirek
  • Best Episode
    The beginning of the end, both parts.
  • Best Song
    The song in that same episode.
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  1. Quote

    I wanna see Maud again!

    Like a spoiled child :ButtercupLaugh:


    I really hate boulder media. I want DHX again! :-P

    1. Califorum
    2. Splashee


      DHX media, ltd. The ones responsible for the show with Maud in it! (Friendship is Magic Seasons 1 to 9)

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