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  1. Mars and saturn were really bright tonight. So many stars...saw the milky way. Makes me think, where does the universe end? Is there many? What is beyond what we can see?  Where does...everything end?

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    2. Kind Claw
    3. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      my advise - don't think about it too much.

      our mind is in a little box, that our head and we know so much and can dream about infinite universe and built rockets to the stars.. so maybe universe is just someone else's mind just in a bigger scale?)) so as I've said. don't think about it too much, or you'll start jumping to some really weird conclusions.
      as for me, when I see a night sky with a milky-way (when I'm out in the open far from the city lights) I just admire it's beauty. and how complicated and great it is.. and that we can understand that it's beautiful even tho we a far younger than these stars...
      what makes us think that? where we get the definition of what is beautiful and what is not? I for one just adore dusk and dawn time. I woke up early and the colors are so amazing!!!
      but why do I love that? idk. no one told me what's to like. all I know that many people like the same things if they have time to admire them. with all this work all day and family and stuff...

    4. Califorum


      How interesting.