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  1. Hey, I remember you! I hope you are doing well!

  2. @Widdershins Honestly, its my character so I'll decide the backstory and such as I see fit. No offense.
  3. Califorum

    Hi! It’s me!

    @Dawn Glow Your character is so cute! Nice to meet you!
  4. @ExplosionMare The ponies who had their cutie marks changed were escorted out by the guards who were watching over them. Within a few seconds, they had all cleared out of the area. Probably giving Nightmare Moon and the remaining ones some well needed space. Twilight would nod. "I'll do my best, if I manage to find anything I'll let you know." Twilight spoke to Nightmare Moon. The guards and Twilight would then enter the forbidden section again. Twilight took the time to search through books. She was intensely curious about this section. While she had been here before this was differ
  5. Cali

    Open Casual stroll

    @Windy Breeze @Blitz Boom @Kujamih "Fine. I GUESS I will respect mr dimension police over here..." she nudged Light and rolled her eyes. "You know what, going against logic...that sound exactly like it. I had this urge and fascination with crime, I just went with it against all odds. It is really interesting if you think about. What you are saying about a symbiotic life form and infections...its all adding up quite well actually." Cali said in a rather shocked manner. "Well we definitely do have issues with it. We do it on purpose because it makes money, at least for tho
  6. @Illiad Easle As they left, the influence seemed to diminish. "That is pretty fascinating. I won't bore you with the history of my world, thats a story for another time. Old Lands? Sort of like the Old and New World then? Would that mean they have sailed over an ocean? Sounds similar to what happened in my world." Cali replied. They would reach the entrance. All of a sudden there was a loud screeching sound as multiple hands of a black swirling mass would flow through the halls. It sounded quite demonic. Cali and Disciple were lucky enough to avoid it. As soon as they exit the temple
  7. @Blitz Boom Magnolia had not really considered Dolt to be a friend since she had just met him. But Gretha could be considered one. She was quite wise and would outlive any pony to walk the face of the planet. She thought deeply about this. The thought of being friends with someone who would certainly outlive her was nothing short of surreal. It was utterly fascinating, but that fascination was still drowned about Magnolia's sorrow. She smiled and tilted her head at Zeehva's words. "The way you speak, you seem so sure of your words. That comforts me greatly. Its as if you are the o
  8. @Catpone Cerberus "Thank you for your reassuring words. I sincerly hope that is the case. I'll believe in what you say. I am just glad that you ponies do not have the kinds of people I do where I am from. At least, they are in a far fewer occurrence. I hope." Sparkly would nod. Sparkly didn't do anything about her hoof and just seemed content to lay there. She closed her eyes for a longer period than normal and then opened them again. As if she was trying to wake up from a dream. No such thing occurred. As for Frail Spark's question, it made Sparkly think. Before long, she came to an
  9. @Loud Opinion Not sure if I told you this already but I have re-worked a new backstory for Magnolia. Basically goes something like this. I wonder if this would be okay with you, if backstories will effect how the future goes.
  10. @Loud Opinion @ExplosionMare@abrony-mouse Magnolia silently followed after the trail of pedals. She would not want to eat a pedal from a flower anyways, the thought was quite strange. It made her imagine that someone he knew once could have aten a pedal from a flower and gotten sick. Magnolia would not risk such a thing. Without word she would acknowledge what Silver Tongue spoke of the books. It felt like Silver Tongue was testing and prodding at her and Starlight here. Magnolia assumed he had done this on purpose to see what they would do within their rooms. Magnolia would stop at
  11. @abrony-mouse I giggle at Muon's reactions and gave her a cute little pat on the head. "Feel free to do so, Muon. You can stay in here all you want and I won't force you on anything." I said to her kindly and said a caring goodbye to her, amazed at how beautiful that pony was "I'm not special, Fuchsia. You are the special one." I said tapping a fingertip on where her heart would be. I follow her into town and look around. I admire all the colorful ponies but I wouldn't go up to ponies randomly and possibly freak them out.
  12. @Catpone Cerberus "Well I wouldn't mind trying any food you have. As far as I can tell everything is...normal about me at least as normal as can be, really. I am not sure if its a good idea for me to meet other ponies you know? What if they want to experiment or cut me apart for science? Or do bad things to me? I'd hope not." Sparkly would shudder at that and watched where Frail Spark was. "Optional taxes? I like the sound of that, it sounds so simple and good." she smiled and relaxed on the couch. Sparkly was quite an attractive mare, being a princess after all technically. "I am gl
  13. @ExplosionMare The mare would only gulp nervously within Nightmare Moon's magic. She watched as her cutie mark was changed though. It didn't hurt, it just felt a little strange if anything. When her mark was changed and she was set down she looked at her cutie mark. It was more of nervous curiosity if anything. She said nothing else. The mare was too astonished at what had happened to speak up and went back with the others. One by one the ponies went. Some were more nervous than others, some of them seemed to not really care. But eventually all the ponies had their marks changed and
  14. Sassy Saddles could have become a villain here, wanting to work Rarity till the death, I'd like to have seen that angle. Moonlight raven! I LOVE her!
  15. @Illiad Easle Cali felt the presence. "Wait...ponies aren't native from this continent either? I never knew that." she'd hush up upon feeling the presence and would stand on her guard. "It appears we have more pressing matters. Perhaps we should leave...whatever that is it feels like...a warning." Cali said, while she was confident of her ability, she knew not to get too confident.
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