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  2. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia observed Choco get uo to walk to the sleeping mare. Choco could see her cutie mark was a golden ring with 3 slots. Around her waist was a circular contraption. She smiles in her sleep as she is pet.
  3. @Lazy Ferret Maud looks at the opal with intrigue. She sniffs the stone before taking off the dated paper and sliding it into her pocket. “Very nice. Where did you find that Opal?” Maud asks. She wanted to know where it was from.
  4. @Illiad Easle Cali’s motivations and ideals sometimes shift and change. She was called a shell by her enemies due to lacking a sense of self direction. Like her forms she shifts and changes over time. Sometimes instantly sometimes not. Blu however gave her that so to speak. A friendship. Cali may or may not see her friends again and it will never be so simple as to resolve Cali’s problems since for one it is practically impossible to tell where her friends and her origin is. Cali viewed this as an act of extreme betrayal but blames herself for it since she supplied Blu with
  5. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia could only smile lightly upon looking at the little foal there. There was a cream colored Unicorn mare who sat some distance away, sleeping on a bench softly. It was Collapse.
  6. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia's mane sort of had little static shocks in it as it was pet. It wasn't hurting, if anything it sort of tickled or felt good. "I mean...its not bad..." she said and lifed the foal into her lap with her green magic aura.
  7. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia looked into Choco's eyes as she was booped before looking to the sleeping small foal there. She hadn't seen foals in a very very long time and looked at the small pegasus with wonder. Then she poked him once to see what he felt like and then gave him a small pat. Then she seems to relax a little.
  8. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia's wing and fur was soft, but not really overly soft. She didn't really seem to cuddle back, not entirely sure what they were doing. She didn't see the little foal and looks to them with a look of confusion.
  9. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia looked to them with a strange look. "Not enough room, not enough room to breathe and think properly." she said to them, in a rather weirded out tone as if the idea of being with others was almost like, a phobia or something.
  10. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia looks off at the foals that were playing tag there and flying about. She wasn't sure what to think and looks to Choco as she beckons. "Come closer?" she asks as if confused at what she meant.
  11. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia sat down at the bench but sat apart from the others to spread her wings out and let them droop as she looked to them. She kicks her hooves up on the table and sprawls out with no care and looks at them lazily.
  12. @C. Thunder Dash She rose an eyebrow at what they have said. "Well, I prefer living on my own and doing things on my own, as you know, Thundy." she said and looked at the town houses. She didn't want to be inside one of them.
  13. @C. Thunder Dash Ambrosia raised an eyebrow at choco and looked around the place. "How can you ponies live in simple shacks?" Ambrosia said and pointed to a nearby house. Ambrosia needed the air and open skies to feel at ease.
  14. @C. Thunder Dash She proceeded to tear the wrapper off and put the wrapper in her hair. "I mean, it looks cool in my hair...." she said and proceeded to eat on the chocolate. It tasted good, yet foreign. She then swallows. "It was pretty good."
  15. @C. Thunder Dash She looks at the chocalate bar and grabs it with her lime green magic. "What is it? Is it like, a door stopper? Or a magical charm?" she asks, not seeming to understand what a chocalate bar even was.
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