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  1. @Widdershins An hour? What? I am really missing something here. To be honest, I don't even understand half of what is going on so its no surprise I am 'out of character'.
  2. Can you do me a favor? Stop mentioning me in the mass mention threads.

    1. Dawn-Sunlight


      Sure, no problem.

  3. Big. It used to be part of a Strawberry farm run by my ancestors. My father and his brothers grew up here. It needs work.
  4. I really need to stop breaking my morals.

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      They can be easy to slip up on.

    2. Widdershins


      ...I forget. What's a moral again? The things you don't let yourself do?

  5. @Widdershins @Blitz Boom The thief didn't do anything about what was happening. She could only hear the mumbling. She knew it could prove to be dangerous which is why she hid as far away as she could get. The doors didn't open, and so she would simply wait in hiding. Afterwards, depending on what happens, she might leave for good. It proved a nice distraction away from what she said, which likely went over those ponies heads. Perhaps she could leave for good, and go onto her original plans. After all, she didn't really need anyone.
  6. Looks like crap to be honest, that animation style is atrocious.
  7. @Dji @Widdershins @Blitz Boom Alright, I see. We'll just see how this goes. My character will likely be out of her element.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing that. If I had a choice as to who would die, it would be Pinkie.
  9. @Widdershins @Blitz Boom I have very little understanding of what is going on and have little idea as to how to continue, though I edited it.
  10. @Widdershins @Blitz Boom At this moment quite frankly the thief had no idea what was going on. Her entire plan of simply raiding this mansion had failed. A part of her of her wanted to simply run away. A part of her also wanted to grab that vase and get whatever was inside's favor. Though whatever was happening also seemed rather dangerous. She had no idea what was going on and so proceeded to run towards the doors, and hide by them for now. Then, she began thinking about the future course of action.
  11. I wish he wasn't so gloating, he could of won if that wasn't the case.
  12. Its hard to really say though to me King Sombra takes the spot. He doesn't take crap, he didn't talk, he just plans and plots, no gloating...until the season 9 came out.
  13. Thats possible though I wouldn't ever use any other browser than Opera. It's a server wide issue and I'm trying to see if that can be repaired at some point.
  14. I don't see any villains getting killed. Cosmodian will likely be defeated, however he will go elsewhere and swear revenge. Tirek will reform, Storm King will go back to his isolation and Sombra, in the body of Cadence will simply not be involved, and so will do nothing. I don't really agree, I want her gone lol
  15. Too young and innocent to die. I want Starlight to die, and something to happen to Celestia. Tell you what, I have an idea. Cosmodian could corrupt Celestia and turn her evil. Then she becomes too powerful, I will play her. Celestia will become a massive issue, and so maybe Cosmodian will have to work with the elements to defeat Celestia.
  16. These villains are a bad bunch, and I want to really show that.
  17. These villains are still around. I'm just waiting until I can actually do something, and do keep in mind they won't be playing around. I honestly want to see a pony or 2 die in this, hahaha. Not the main cast, but others. Like Starlight.
  18. I'm rather fine with my weight at around 150 pounds. I think I could lose some, if you aren't happy with your weight: change it.
  19. I'm pretty sure I have. I use the opera browser.