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  1. Califorum

    What is your dream job?

    I dream of being an astronomer, or something to do with space, working alongside my crushes, in a setting like that. It'd be great.
  2. Califorum

    Choose 3 characters on an adventure

    Lord Tirek, Chrysalis, and Daybreaker on a mission to save the multiverse.
  3. Doesn't matter as they are heavily allied to America.
  4. Califorum

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Alright, thank you!
  5. Califorum

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    @MarvelMoon I was looking forward to seeing full body, but hey, its interesting.
  6. The Axis powers could never win ww2, they were small nations, sure they had impressive militaries but they went up against the 3 most powerful nations on the Planet: USA, USSR, and UK. Japan would never have the industrial and military might to conquer the US and Canada, and if they had managed to invade somehow, their invasion would be heavily defeated and Japan would have been treated alot harsher. Japan had around 71,380,000 people, while America had 123,202,624 people, and Canada had 11 million. I do not see how Japan would ever conquer the United States, and if they managed to do so, America would fight until the bitter end, not until Japanese rule over America is pushed out until the last man, Canada wouldn't surrender either, both nations would refuse to be under the influence of an asian power, and keep in mind racism at this time towards them was an at all time high, and we would hate them even more. So, they would never conquer the United States or Canada ever. Period.
  7. In my german class the teacher wrote 'rules' on the board, even when it is fucking january and she doesn't enforce any rules. We did nothing for half the class to which my crush of Emma, and a few other girls were being loud and I told them to be quiet, they continued being loud until my friend yelled at them to be quiet and to not pick on me or something.

    In my first dream this morning Canada was a bit large, it sort of extended out to Greenland, maybe a bit beyond that, and went like that all the way south. The provinces of Nova scotia, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador were all nonexistent and those areas were part of the United States. It was all one big state, a very popular state the likes of California or my State of New York. In this dream my family lived there, and we were driving on a road called I 94. In the dream, I was contemplating on what it'd be like to live there, what crushes I would have, what my life would be like in another area, and another life.

    In my 2nd dream my crush of Nicole was sitting in class, which resembled my 7th grade math class in a way, though she wore short shorts and some shoes which showed the top of her feet which I looked at, and she claimed I was looking at her tits and she gave me a piece of paper which basically said that she didn't want to hear me, see me, or anything like that to which I reluctantly accepted. I somehow 'solved' this, by finding Gem of Cali's backstory, instead of holding it to get the magic, I stabbed the point into my wrist and let the blood drip down the gem, to which it pooled on the floor. I felt...intense pressure all over in my veins, I could feel that electricity flowing through my veins, I could feel all that energy being there, but I felt no pain.

    1. Tacodidra


      The second dream is a bit disturbing... :mlp_blink: At least it wasn't painful, though! :please:

    2. Califorum


      It was very interesting to say the least.

  8. Califorum

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    Does it have to be ponies?
  9. Califorum

    Science Static Electricity

    Not really, makes me think of if it has any practical uses, or if it could.
  10. Califorum

    When did you last get a haircut?

    It usually is cut every few weeks by my mom, so I will say 2 weeks ago.
  11. I had a dream in which I was contemplating when I was going to 'leave' Earth, and I had this ability to time travel backto the past and I did exactly that, in which I stood out in my driveway and watched the busses of the past go by, until one semi truck like one came by and picked me up unlike the others who seemingly ignored me.

    I also had a dream where my crush of Emma was involved though I do not know the specifics.

    It took me around 3-4 hours to fall asleep last night because of how active my mind was, I kept thinking about all my past regrets, what I could have done and other things like that. I ended up crying a bit.

    1. Tacodidra


      I hope you're feeling better now, my friend! :kindness: I had problems falling asleep too, not sure why though... I ended up sleeping through the entire afternoon and evening after being awake for more than a day... :muffins:

    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      That's an interesting dream.

      Remember that the past is in the past. Learn from your mistakes and secure a good future.

  12. Califorum

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    Alright, thats understandable, thank you for clarifying. I would like you to draw Lord Artemis here. A few things to note is that the moon on his cutie mark should be more dull and grey, with more craters in it with 4 bright stars (as points of light) striking against it. His eyes should be that of normal eyes instead of slit, the shape of his head should also be normal to that of a male alicorn. His mane and tail are styled after Nightmare Moon's here, but you can change things up as you see fit for the mane. The armour doesn't have to be drawn either, if you don't want to draw it.
  13. Discord is not connecting at all for me. I can't even sign in.

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    2. Califorum


      Oh it was fine!

    3. Rikifive


      Yeah Discord went down for about 20 minutes, so it wasn't just you.


    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      Well, at least it has returned to normal now.

  14. In my first dream this morning I was in my history class. Emma was sitting next to me, and she is not in my history class but for this dream she was. And she called me hot and she really liked me, and such.

    In my 2nd dream Atlantis existed thousands of years ago and was destined to unite the world under their rule and have space technology thousands of years before our time. They colonized the Moon, Mars, some of Jupiter's moons however the real prize for them was Saturn's rings, in which they built a network of space stations around and began harvesting the rings of saturn for resources. These stations were so large they contained entire cities, with similar layout to that of new york city. And, I remember sitting in a hot tub with Emma, and some of my other crushes just...relaxing and looking out at the rings of Saturn and saturn itself, though a window

    . In my 3rd dream I was with my parents outside and we were attacked by a bunch of gangsters that rode in a big blue truck. They claimed to know me somehow, and they said they were parents of some students in my career experience class and blamed me for many bad things however I didn't do anything, which lead me to be very confused and angry.

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    2. Califorum


      I like being detailed. What do you think of it? lol @Widdershins

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      Those are certainly interesting - particularly the second and third ones. Although, I know you definitely enjoyed the first one.

    4. Califorum


      You know me all to well. @Cash In

  15. Califorum

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    Does it have to be ponies or can it be human? If you can't do humans, I have an alicorn oc you could do.
  16. Califorum

    General Have any of you taken an ASVAB test?

    In my school, on Halloween we were going to. Most of my grade went into the lunch room to take it and I sat with a bunch of girls and we were about to take the test however it wouldn't work, because of the internet having issues. We ended up not taking the test.
  17. In my dreams this morning Japan, broken and torn apart after ww2 began to resent the Americans. They hated the Americans with all of their heart, they wanted to regain their glory and Empire. 

    They looked to India.

    A nation oppressed by the English speakers, a nation that conquered nearly the entire world in their vast Empire. They funded a nationalist party in India, and they would spread the flames of rage and fear throughout the entire world, not until America suffered the same fate as they did.

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    2. Tacodidra


      Another interesting dream! :wau: You've had quite a few historical ones!

    3. Widdershins


      Naaah... Japan hasn't even attempted to start an Empire. They've had it just trying to keep their own nation together, what with cults, uprisings, backing the wrong side in a war, managing resources with little room to do it in...Heck, from what I can tell, they've spent most of their history trying to spit back at China, their Father Nation who's got FAR more behind them.

       I see Japan & America as the rebellious Teen Nations. Both trying to make themselves sound important... but with no real goal to fight for. Think nations get to the point where they stop trying to conquer & be glad they're holding on with what they got. 

       No Empire has ever survived. Because, by definition, its spread too thin to self-manage.

    4. Califorum


      lol thats a good point.

  18. Califorum

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    Starlight Glimmer is pure garbage aswell as the mane 6, I would like to see the mane 6 and Starlight Killed off, that would be entertaining to me honestly. I'd like to see them lose and for Tirek, Sombra or Chrysalis to rule Equestria and the show to focus on them ruling equestria. lol
  19. I find myself contemplating that, what if this hit the earth in 1993?–Levy_9

    I am so infatuated with these events, it is perplexing to me.

    1. Phosphor


      I would love to video a meteor hitting another planet, especially Jupiter. Some amateur astronomers were lucky to be imaging at the right time.

  20. Califorum

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Thank you very much!
  21. Califorum

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    She blue eyed and with blond hair that ends with a red tint. Her hair is sort of messy but not really, although it goes right to the back with some of it over her chest. It's somewhat long but not too long and ends in somewhat of an even manner. She wears a sort of vest with a sweater underneath it, the sweater is not hooded and a light pink in color, the vest is of a brown color with various swirling designs on it. She wears light brown shoes, with white laces. Her name is Karen.
  22. Califorum

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Can you draw humans, like normal humans?
  23. You take amazing pictures!
  24. I think it would be great to remove the animal ranks with species in equestria, perhaps Centaurs and Seaponies.