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  1. Recast MLP with members from the forums

    So where would I fit in? @Leere @SparklingSwirls
  2. I don't really like the new banner.

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Raven Rawne

       I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up. :)

    3. SparklingSwirls


      I think Califorum is just jealous that he missed the thread and now his OC isn't in it :umad: 

    4. Califorum
  3. Making New Friends

    I'll be your friend. Welcome!
  4. Who do you dislike seeing on tv?

    Any celebrities, advertisers and political people.
  5. Of them, I'd say Jean-Luc was my favorite, not only because of reasons already stated, I just liked TNG in general, everything about it was awesome. TOS was the first star trek I've seen and I enjoyed it though it comes 2nd to TNG, Sisko was also a great captain and I enjoyed DS9 though it had a different feel than the other series, still though it was a welcome change. Sisko is a family man and sort of like the opposite of Picard. Archer, from what I know about him was an ok captain, enterprise for me wasn't as great as the others, though some moments were great. Voyager was just...meh and Ok, same with Janeway, though Seven of Nine is one of my favorite characters.
  6. General Dogs vs Cats???

    Would rather neither, I don't want any pets lol.
  7. Spoiler The Storm King fan club

    Alright everypony... Here we have the Storm King fan club. I'm very interested to see what he will be like in the movie, any theories? Could he be related to Lord Tirek? Lets Start off with the unveiling image!
  8. Do you find the above *character* attractive?

    Anything but attractive.
  9. Here we have Hannah. And here we have Cali. Feel free to have some creative freedom!
  10. Request Can someone draw my human characters?

    Its fine, maybe draw like face on ones, like the one to the left of your signature, or my avatar.
  11. Request Can someone draw my human characters?

    @Thuja Yeah. It does.
  12. Request Can someone draw my human characters?

    @Thuja Thank you, though her face looks a little weird lol.
  13. Request Shop Cell Shaded Anything (Closed)

    Can you do Hannah here? Her pants are like dress pants, and her shoes are plain and simple black. Her pants aren't baggy, though. She's cold and emotionless, and scientific.
  14. Comment and I will...

    Random comment.
  15. Are most Bronies conservative?

    Well, yeah. Though enslaving by the time we get into space, I hope is not a thing.
  16. Are most Bronies conservative?

    Exactly. Really, what I want to see is for the wars to stop, humanity to unite, and for more space exploration and scientific development, aswell as technological improvement, and infrastructure improvement and going 'green'.
  17. Are most Bronies conservative?

    I myself don't agree with any established political party, I disagree with both 'conservative' and 'liberal' if you are talking about the Americanized version of it. Generally I do not like politics, especially American politics. It is worthless, hinders our progress and is a distraction from what really matters.
  18. General Did anyone had a great day?

    Don't know yet but its a school day so anything could happen.
  19. Comment and I will...

    1. Heh, yep. 2. True, true. 3. Hah, thanks! 4. I actually took a test, and I am alot like her, indeed. Though on thei nside. 5. Its weird shape, and what it may look like, the unknown appeals to me. 6 and 8: Thats true! 9: Nope 7: "Hi." I also like my life as a teenage robot
  20. Comment and I will...

    Random comment.
  21. I prefer them as ponies. EQ is trash for me.
  22. Request Shop Want a Piano Cover of Something? (Take 2)

    I would like you to make a piano theme or cover for my human characters, you can do both of them, or either or. Whichever you choose.
  23. My biggest problem with Starlight’s Village

    *Shrug* Probably something to do with background planning and stuff by the writers. I don't think they keep track of every background pony. Or maybe they were off someplace else, inside the houses getting decorations for adults maybe?
  24. My biggest problem with Starlight’s Village

    Maybe those foals were inside the houses or something afterwards.
  25. My biggest problem with Starlight’s Village

    Probably, yeah.