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  1. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    It's interesting, heh
  2. Competition: Who can send the cutest picture of Fluttershy.

    Thats why I chose it!
  3. Competition: Who can send the cutest picture of Fluttershy.

    Honestly didn't expect that, hehe. But, thanks!
  4. Today

    I now have 9 days off. That test was easy heh.
  5. Today

    Another day arises here in the unknown place known as "Western New York". Today I will face a test in my computers class aswell as much boredem, but I will survive. And after doing so I will have 9 days off! Unfortunately didn't have much dreams tonight.
  6. If you could live anywhere in the world and why

    My current place is fine, though I'd rather just take everyone I know and love to New Zealand.
  7. What Kind of MLP Pony Type Are You? Quiz

    A unicorn pony. Totally agree with that one.
  8. 1 last day until my 9 days off from school, gone by so quick this year. What else will go by so quick?

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    2. Mirage


      If you ever figure out how to slow time (when you want to)...please let me know, and don't tell anypony else. :D


    3. Califorum


      Hahaha. I could use that to slow it down to a very very small rate. Many possible things there...

    4. Mirage


      Indeed. Give me a full report tomorrow...take your time.  :D


  9. Tired of these overcast days, really. I want to see the sun!

    1. Recherche


      Does the weather forecast bear any good news? :sunbutt:

    2. Califorum


      Don't know, the weather forecast is always wrong anyways.

    3. Mirage


      It was sunny here today, so it's coming!

  10. Bees and aliens. Aliens mostly. Sometimes I can't sleep at night while thinking about those entities looking at me in my sleep aswell as shadow creatures and ghosts. I think I see things in the dark while I lay in bed and it scares the shit out of me. One night I thought I was abducted by aliens and I couldn't get images out of my head of them doing things to me for an entire day.
  11. Request Shop Creating ponies for SFM (Still Open! Weekly slots)

    @Salty French Unicorn Thank you very much! She looks really cute there!
  12. Request Shop Creating ponies for SFM (Still Open! Weekly slots)

    Let's do Collapse with Nurse Redheart's mane please. You don't have to include the green jewel thing.
  13. I've been thinking of a fictional world, a world which has it's sun orbit around it, only about 50 miles wide or so, it has a system of moons going around it, though this world is far different than our own.

    It is always just below freezing here, but the entire planet isn't frozen. The people here have a sense of 'christmas season' to them that is reminiscent of many christmas stories and cartoons. These people feed off of magical energy and haven't tasted 'normal' food in there entire lives. I can imagine the vast towns in the middle of nowhere on this world, the people that live here, it's very interesting indeed. 

    As opposed to my other worlds, these people only care about happiness, friends and family. They really have no need or desire for space travel. 

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    2. Califorum



      Who would like to go there with me?

    3. Sparklefan1234
    4. Califorum


      Thats...honestly pretty adorable!

  14. Ponies inspired by fishes

    I love the way these look!
  15. Spoiler Trixie's Dad?

    I hope he is her father. I really want to see her parents!
  16. I would honestly prefer not to get notifications for 'cuddle war' and things like that, really. 

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    2. Sparklefan1234



      I don't have them disabled now.


      The main reason I kept them disabled was because I would keep getting PM's from


      people I'd never seen before.*


      *A lot of them seemed to be from brand new members wanting to make smalltalk. 

    3. Califorum


      That makes sense, alot of sense. 

    4. Sparklefan1234




      I'd much rather have people post on my profile feed if they have something to say to me that


      isn't related to a topic on the main forum. 

  17. Competition: Who can send the cutest picture of Fluttershy.

    I personally think this is cute.
  18. Many people like Einstein and such have proved their vast knowledge through the use of dreaming. Dreaming is a powerful tool.

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    2. Mirage


      It's all just a recording...


    3. Alexshy


      @Mirage: I extend mine hope, it's not corresponding thy mood directly, mine lief!

    4. Mirage


      @Alexshy's just a memorable scene from a very profound and dreamy movie. ;)


  19. All hail the summer sun.

    1. GrimGrimoire


      I prefer gloomy days.

  20. Happy birthday, you've been a wonderful friend to me!

    1. Nightfall Gloam

      Nightfall Gloam

      Thanks, Califorum! 

  21. cars What's your dream car?

    I like no paying for gas, and I have solar panels I don't have to pay for anything.
  22. Doesn't prevent me from finding magical items and tools to use at my disposal, like weapons and stuff like that. Finding knowledge of how to craft such things...
  23. I would have been learning equestria magic all that time so I would find a way to switch myself into pony form, so I could blend in with the populace while I take over the world. I'm not turning myself in for something I didn't do and a pony princess's ways of doing things don't scare me.
  24. Yes, they probably would be. Here we can have 5 feet of snow and bone chilling winds, but we can also have pouring rains nonstop for a week.
  25. Do you find yourself humorous?

    I guess I do. Well, I try to b e somewhat.