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  1. Really pisses me off when my parents fight over the most stupid shit.

  2. I mean without her main 'enemy', what will she do, then? I feel like she would eventually miss her.
  3. I mean under her rule things looked...fine. I couldn't say the same for the other villains really. Chrysalis had to feed her hive, and Tirek just wanted to impress his father.
  4. I know this will probably be locked but I am very against the idea of being microchipped.
  5. What do you think of Starlight?
  6. Nightmare Moon was the only one who had that. Chrysalis and Tirek did to some extent.
  7. I love Starlight.


  8. For my yard I would need at least 4-5 of these. Would be worth it to have a completely automated lawn mower system with no human interaction at all really, so my grass would be cut without having to step outside.

    1. Splashee


      We have had those for 20 years in our country. I never thought they would work, but it seems they have. Even a single one of those seems to take care of a whole big yard

    2. Califorum


      Oh really? Where you live?

    3. Splashee



      I remember getting news about the US getting those lawn mower systems just about a month ago. I was surprised it has taken so long!

  9. I wish I had 2 of these.



  10. I remember watching this series in February of 2019. I was really sick then so the medicine made me extremely high and dazed, a feeling that when I am sick, I really enjoy. 

    I always liked these types of things since it is in a different environment that I am used to. The next part of why I like stuff like this in general, being places you never went to, it really makes you think of the past and reflect on your own choices.

    When I watch videos of people going to places I hadn't went, I think about what I was doing when that video was filmed, years ago. Whats changed since then for better or worse, and thinking about the past. 

  11. Check out my deviantart.

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    2. Califorum



      Yeah, I made a whole nation and stuff based on that own as you can see lol.

    3. Kujamih


      How bout your back story be like, you ones lived in starlight's town before and you were not pleased at what happened to starlight hahahaha.

    4. Califorum
  12. Twilight should have never been a princess. I don't know what Power Ponies and Twilight's Kingdom are as I don't think I watched those videos. I liked how Sunset was a villain so I can't complain there but the whole school of friendship, King Sombra killed off, fake Grogar, bad Sombra voice and all that is just...awful.
  13. I watched that show when I was extremely young. I miss it.
  14. What a boring day.

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      I'd invite you to my post-Thanskgiving tradition, if I could. :adorkable:

    2. Califorum

    Jeeps are the most childish car brand to ever exist. They try so hard to be rugged but just look extremely childish and blocky. Nobody is actually using a fucking jeep to go off roading,if they are, they are off roading in the crappiest piece of shit to exist.


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    2. Califorum


      @Samurai Equine

      I feel the same about friends from school, even though its only been since March.

    3. Kujamih


      Did anyone say jeep?


      Lets ride!!

    4. Califorum
  16. I'd love to go there. Their governments are nice, the history is really interesting and they are more removed from other areas of Europe. I like Spain though.
  17. They all speak English as shown in the show. But I can imagine the Buffalo being the plains Native languages, Dragons could be Chinese.