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  1. Changed my pfp in the spirit of halloween.

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      That's definitely an interesting Halloween avatar! :ButtercupLaugh:

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      Oni Equine

      It's perfect!

  2. @Illiad Easle (Ignore the part where she touched the glasses then, I didn't read properly.) Cali could only smirk upon what he had said. "The best way to defeat someone or something is wear them down before they even fight you. This sounds perfect for that. I would also like to at some point...maybe free some of those villains. Chrysalis...King Sombra...Tirek and let them run amok across this land for a little while. See what happens...I want these ponies to realize the stakes of what life truly is." she said to him. She rose an eyebrow at his standing on his hind legs. "Perhaps there is a spell we could find to change you back to your...normal form. It must be awful being stuck to your...Equine form. Shapeshifting is what you need to learn next."
  3. Skunks, car exhaust, gasoline, butane, methane, jet fuel (yes I've smelled that before), kerosene, natural gas, propane, hexane.
  4. I would like to get married some day, but who knows.
  5. Happy birthday, if this is your birthday.

  6. When I am out of high school, I will put full gear towards whatever I want to be in the world, but as for now, I will just relax and wait. 

  7. Making my solar system again. Picture is not to scale, neither are distances, obviously.


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    2. CypherHoof 🐎

      CypherHoof 🐎

      Tabletop Scifi RPG called "traveller" had detailed rules for generating star systems and entire clusters that you could set your adventures in. you could generate down from starsystems, to planets, to cities, to individual buildings.

      A later revision called "Traveller: new era" had rules for The Fall; after Virus had attacked a Sector, you had usually ruined colonies and scattered survivors.

    3. LyraLover 💚

      LyraLover 💚

      Typo: The 5th planet is labeled "Erina". Shouldn't it be Merina?

    4. TheDonald


      Untitled.png@LyraLover 💚

      Thanks for catching that. I added in more moons and Baoman, the red ones are place holders. I'll fix that later.


  8. I relate more to the villains, especially Starlight. Starlight's reformation is what got me into the show in the first place. It hits me on an emotional level. The past is the past and you can't change it no matter how hard you try, and that is something I still struggle with.
  9. I was never a fan of the mane 6. I came here for the villains and the community. Not everyone here likes all of the mane 6, you know.
  10. Yeah your definitely right about that for sure! I particularly like Pluto because it has ice plains. Triton would have a nice view of Neptune though. Triton is also geologically active and has geysers on its surface. And clouds But Pluto has more than a few clouds.
  11. She is the worst character on the show, period. High pitched voice, constantly annoying and laughing. How is that not annoying?
  12. @Illiad Easle Cali simply smirked at his statement about the glasses. "If one is to power up these glasses we would have to find raw magic as it states in the book here. No individual magic, as that might cause something to go wrong." she stated, and listens to what he said about that ebony staff. She rose an eyebrow and stowed the glasses away in her pocket as she looked at the staff intently. "Nothing too powerful but would definitely make a good distraction for the royal guard for sure. In the night, is when it would be most powerful however during the day, you could control your own shadow to your will, useful for distractions although, direct combat, not sure."
  13. They wouldn't be able to. Because magic makes all 3 races strong, and without that there is no real defense.
  14. I never had parties. Just went out to dinner, few presents here and there. Nothing special. I always felt sad on birthdays since it just reminds me that I am getting older.