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  1. I'm bored

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    2. Trixie .

      Trixie .

      You probably are, I just have no clue

    3. Widdershins


      "Oy, if we had a clue where we was, would we be muckin' about here?"

      Enjoy yourself, Trixie Lulamoondancer. Only you could be the best possible you! (and yes, I"m playing around with text colors again!)

    4. Trixie .
  2. Private

    @The Cerberus He let out a long sigh. "How would you feel if you were cheated of everything that was yours, beaten to the ground, and treated like nothing and then never spoke of, thought of, or not even known about, and adding onto that, your creations no more, just gone? That is how I feel. Evil.... What is evil? Is it something which simply opposes your view, does it destroy the world? Maybe. But whatever 'Evil' is.... its doing the right thing in its view.... so which view is correct, yours or its? I don't know the answer to that.." "My ponies.... are like yours, no cutie marks as you call them, almost like shadows but not quite, they are translucent and can shift their forms from pony form to whatever else they want to assume, as long as it has the same mass of course."
  3. Private

    @The Cerberus "Perhaps her transformation is justified. Because from what you telling me, she was jealous.... because the ponies liked the daytime better.... That really does remind me of my banishment, I wanted for my ponies to be treated Equally, I felt jealous of all the love and admiration that Nox and Solaris had... my ponies were different, in fact none of their kind no longer exist due to your kind. But, I bear no ill to you personally.. Elements of Harmony? Whats that?"
  4. Why can't I change my name?
  5. Private

    @The Cerberus The Alicorn sighed. "Well.... They may be the parents of Celestia and Luna as you call them. As for Discord I have never heard of that name. Ever. If I remember correctly my banishment was around 4,700 years long give or take. But I mostly was in a deep sleep. So tell me about Luna's banishment, why did that happen?" he said as he followed Potion around.
  6. Private

    @The Cerberus "Well.... you see..... You do know of King Nox and Queen Solaris right? The rulers of Equestria? I wasn't aware of any daughters..... or princess sisters....being trapped so long while with in the Night sky is something that isn't fun at all, You can bow if you want, that is up to you." he said calmly.
  7. Mega Thread

  8. Morning everyone

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    2. NightmareLuna800
    3. Widdershins


      Well, its technically just about three in the afternoon. And I've still yet to get out of my pajamas. So I'll take your word on it that it's morning, then!

    4. Trixie .
  9. FIRST

    1. starwantrix
    2. Trixie .
    3. Widdershins


      Second! Third! Fourth! I declare a Thumb War! Whoo! *shakes pom-poms*