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  1. Its looking like a paper Mario game I can't wait and it has the feel of a Nintendo product thanks to yoshi I just am shocked on how it has been 6 months since I seen it
  2. I just seen the recent pic and I can't wait to tests it I am in and ready to go
  3. I am back in black baby

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Yay you're back! :yay:

  4. Comparo I need your help I got discord now and need the code to join the conversation
  5. I just seen an lp of paper mario and thousand year door and thought if the player missed the timing the book that twilight would use would go into the crowd dispersing it and will not have as big of a rating in the battle I mean just like if Mario would ignore a the idiot in the crowd or the enemies attacking them. And also I found the book flow twilight's attack its called Watergate a cronlogy of a crises I did misspell a word its 1000+ page book that is heaver than tartus on a bad day
  6. Now that I have seen the demo I am in all the way for the beta testing and other aspects anything not dealn with too much code i will help with i am 100% on board i will do all in my power and i am gettin a computer here soon so expect all i can do is split between this school and my extra cricullar that will help me in this feild of gaming and only 4 frames dropped during a move that is impressive for a devepoer that is probley new to this as i said in the comment box for the demo all the way support and will advertise to all my class mates i technicly did this yet the only thing i said was that i am a beta tester for a fan game based off paper mario and that is all they know
  7. It's ok I thought it was a good idea I just wanted to see if anypony else liked that's it I mean its a cool idea like maby a shop or house that is what I am thinking but placed in a place that must be stumbled upon by accidentally walking in to the meeting for the game something like that but I don't mind if that don't make it in the final game
  8. Ok just thrown an idea around I mean I have seen stuff like this in other games even by EA and other bigtime developers so I thought why not but its OK if you don't
  9. This is prefect for a paper game but about a secrect meeting spot where the oc's of the game staff and beta players are in one spot like a inn or a house somthin like that probly in pony ville or clouds dale but that might not work with my oc Lol XD
  10. I am ready to play once I get a computer it sounds promising enough that I might be able to get blank slate to help he is on YouTube and also a original paper Mario player so he can help with testing also
  11. I was told August for the MLP movie so sorry Mr it ain't my fault that these guys are giving me bad info
  12. This ain't a troll. This is what info that I was given the f&f might stay long. cars 3 might be a threat
  13. You never know I have seen video games ruin a movie launch and frozen stayed in box offices for 3 months so it will be as hard as predicting the winner of the 2017 Daytona 500 right now or the super bowl or if dodge is successful in NASCAR its just to early to give credit I have NASCAR documernties that happen with in 3 months so never guess until we get there guys about if its a good date
  14. I am guessn that fast and the furious would be staying in box offices till aguste even if that aint happen there is still cars 3 that is going to be mid to late summer and i think hasbro will have to fight pixar over that if pixar falls behind by a day or two can push it on MLP so that is the worst case senario for hasbro
  15. Who knows now it will be as hard as predicting who will win the Daytona 500 right now