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  1. Hello everypony. How are yall today? I've not been too great. On Sunday my depression got the better of me and I did something really bad and it really hurt me. But my friends saw and I ended up hurting them as well. But I apologized and they understand and forgive me. Which is good. I still felt depressed yesterday but I ended up being able to kick away my depression. And today I was pretty happy. But then lunch time came. I was hanging out with my friends and we were joking around but I started getting a little bit upset for some reason and I left and sat behind our wrestling room. I ended up falling asleep because my depression has left me feeling quite tired and when I woke up I realized I was 10 minutes late for class. So I was going to the office to get a late pass, and then our school's cop, saw me. He didn't say hi, or call me. But when I stopped looking at him I dropped my water bottle and leaned forward pretty quickly to pick it up. He then says "Hey, where are you supposed to be" in a pretty harsh tone. I told him and then he asked why I was late. I told him everything that happened. He didn't believe me (which I understand) and said that "if you are a senior then you should know that you weren't supposed to be near this area" to which I replied "I did not know that. I thought we could not go outside of the gate." Which he said in a harsh tone, "I don't believe that shit." So he searched the area where I had fallen asleep at for about 5 minutes (which again I understand completely) and then he called security and the vice principal. A couple times while we were waiting, he would rest his hand on his gun, like he was ready to use it. Then the security came along with the vice principal. Then he had me drop everything out of my pockets and all I had was my wallet, some coins, a spoon, and a pocket knife. But before he had me drop everything out of my pockets he asked if I had anything that could be considered a weapon so I had told him that I had a pocket knife on me. I always have a pocket knife because I tend to always need one at school, whether it's cutting string or opening packages. My major in ROTC knows I always have this pocket knife of me and he trusts me to have it so he never says anything. When the officer saw my pocket knife, his tone went from harsh, to just menacing. The look he gave me was a look of "I know you did something now. You are definately guilty of something and I'm going to find out what and haul you off to jail." While all of this was going on, he insinuated to my VP and the security guard that I had tried to run away from him (but in actuality that was me picking up my water bottle and he knew that's all I was doing).  If it had not been for my vice principal being there, he would've hauled me off to jail. There's no question about it. Because as soon as the VP showed up, his tone stopped being harsh. After another 5 minutes of this, he took another look around the area I fell asleep in and that's when my VP asked me. "Have you ever gotten in big trouble before" to which I honestly said no. And my VP could tell that I was being honest because he could see how scared I was. It was obvious I wasn't into that Thug Life thing because even though I did nothing wrong (except for being late to class) I was holding back tears and I was shaking from fear. He could see it. That's when he said "It's okay. I'm on your side. You haven't done anything that would get you in trouble and you have great grades so I believe you." This honestly is what made me cry through my last few classes. I was scared that I was gonna go to jail. I had an asshole cop telling lies and being very rude to me and the cop, who is supposed to be trust worthy, was making me sound like I was a bad guy. But the VP didn't care, he trusted me and didn't doubt anything I said. I was scared out of my mind and a cop was making me feel scared, but the VP didn't judge me for accusations. He was actually on my side. Once the officer concluded his "investigation" he found that I really didn't do anything wrong. I was told I could have my knife back after school but I didn't go grab it because this whole situation put me back into my depression and I didn't want to risk doing something to myself and breaking the promises I made. We need more people like my VP who have faith in people and don't judge based on accusations. I cried knowing there was at least someone who treated me like a human being, and had faith in me. And their faith wasn't wasted. Sorry this was so long.

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm sorry to hear about that, my friend! :( I hope you feel better soon, and that today is a better day for you! :kindness:

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