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  1. Here comes yesterday’s answer and the results for the week:

    Stars spend their time on the main sequence phase of their lives fusing what element into helium?

    A. Silicon

    B. Oxygen

    C. Iron

    D. Hydrogen

    This was...

    • Spoiler

      D! Hydrogen is fused to helium. As hydrogen is exhausted in the core, most stars proceed to fuse heavier elements for energy. 

      This week’s winner was...

    • Spoiler

      @Samurai Equine with 3 correct answers! At some point I will get you a crown or title.

      Thank you all for joining in. I hope to see you next week. Until then, keep looking up!

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      :ButtercupLaugh: Crown or a title. Hilarious. At this rate, I'll become a Shogun of Trivia Games.