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    The episode where Shaun gets shot and kidnapped but Lassiter finds him
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  1. Here comes yesterday’s answer:

    The sun fuses hydrogen to helium in a process known as what?

    A. Triple Alpha 

    B. Proton-Proton chain

    C. CNO cycle

    D. Core collapse

    This was...


    B! Stars like the sun fuse hydrogen into helium by way of the proton-proton chain. The other option is the CNO cycle, which is dominant in stars of greater mass.

    Here comes today’s question:

    Which of the following is considered to be the first science fiction film?

    A. Le Voyage Dans La Lune

    B. Ladri di Biciclette

    C. A Girl and Her Trust

    D. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    1. Windy Breeze
    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      My gut tells me A.

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      The crowd is telling me A.

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