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  1. My uncle’s book goes really in depth on the training he got. At one point he describes parts of the helicopter and one part is called the Jesus nut. It’s the nut that holds the rotor to the chopper body. It’s called the Jesus nut because if it comes loose that’s who you’re going to meet.

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      This is Undaunted Valor Volume Matt Jackson written by Volume 1.

      You guys know Volume!

    3. Widdershins



       It’s called the Jesus nut because if it comes loose that’s who you’re going to meet.

       I'm going to meet a Nut?

       Well, to be fair, things will be quite nuts too, I imagine.

       Frankly though, I find it quite a design flaw to have all of what's keeping you up in the air being held in alltogether by one part that can be picked off with, say a stray bullet. That's movie logic there. I think Indy once pinged the blades off a helicopter to have it go somersaulting after a badguy? But to Counter my countering Counter, it is wartime machine making so no doubt welding together where it works was necessary. I imagine most modern day helicopters are safer, yes?

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      As I understand cases of the Jesus nut coming off were extremely rare. During that time if a helicopter was taking shots they were all over the place. Focusing on the nut was hard to do when you were taking heavy fire from the guns in the chopper itself. I don’t know if choppers today are held together differently. I would have to ask about that.

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