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    Also, running the So Cal Brony Bulletin Board (It's Peanut Crunch, all! ;) )
  1. Yay! Looks like I'll have a motivation to start checking around the forums more frequently. Haven't done so recently, what with school and all. If you see me at the con, btw, I go by Peanut Crunch.
  2. Vinyl Scratch

    BronyCon 2013


    Woah, I haven't been here in friggin forever! Anyway, look forward to all the fun this coming weekend. My group and I will start by seeing places The Wire was shot, and then I'll hit the Bar Trot that night.
  3. Happy birthday.

  4. Gameloft Live ID: Peanut_Crunch. Guess I'll go find Derpy again, collect some money, toss a ball around some more, then watch Pinkie eat a cupcake.. Also, I can't seem to stop making Cheerilee do the worm.
  5. Trying to get another one of my bandmates to help. Hergest Ridge might be a possibility ("Pinkie On Crack," "The Herd (Join It)," "John de Lancie is a Bro"), but no guarantees. Update: I spoke with Hergest, and he might be open to recording some instrumental stuff for the song.
  6. So somepony on the Skype chat said you needed singers. As luck would have it, I'm a singer and a Beatle Brony (Peanut Crunch). I'm primarily a writer for the group, but my main area of study is singing. If I could make a couple recommendations (as a fellow rewriter of popular songs). 1. Maybe use "dear miss Pinkie Pie" instead of "Mrs. Pinkie Pie." Miss is a bit more contextually flexible, and the words also fit the same syllable scheme. 2. Is the (hey hey hey) temporary? Smi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hile would be one way to go. 3. "you and your smiles" feels a bit repetitive. I won't try and tell you what to fill that spot with, but it's an observation. You could also rewrite the third line which also talks about smiles. Again, these are just recommendations and you can take or leave them.
  7. With me, flattery will get you everywhere!
  8. Update on Everfree NW/Ponystock: The members playing will be Poni1Kenobi, qdBrony and Hergest Ridge. They will also be doing solo songs, though I'm not sure what their respective sets will be yet. Ponies and friendship, ponies and friendship! (No more fanmail)
  9. My headaches following 8+ hours of figuring out names, entering times and formatting would agree with you. And I'll definitely pass your message when the opportunity is right.
  10. I didn't actually do anything aside from the ToC, but I'll take one and deliver the rest. Speaking of which, here's the Table of Contents for Anthology 2:
  11. For those who don't know, I'm SonofMrPeanut, the guy who wrote the Table of Contents for the first one. When I get back from a beach party this afternoon I'll write up the TOC for this. Update: The ToC is finished. Now for ZephyrStar to get it and put it in the description.
  12. I do look forward to the day we can all be in one place and do a full-band gig. Until then, I'm pretty sure Everfree will have more members present. The album is now available for purchase at a $7 minimum: Again, all the money goes toward getting The Beatle Bronies to Everfree NW. Ponies and friendship!
  13. As of right now, you can buy The Beatle Bronies' Apple Road for $7 on Bandcamp: Here's the one we didn't record prior to these sessions, and I think you'll agree we couldn't have picked a better episode to write said song around. http-~~-// All the songs will be available for listening on YouTube soon, and you may be able to hear the whole album streamed on Everfree Radio (wink wink nudge nudge). The sales of this album* will go toward another neat goal: Getting the band to Everfree NW. That's right, the Beatle Bronies will also be playing at Everfree NW. *Parody is protected by free use. PONIES AND FRIENDSHIP! - Peanut Crunch