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  1. happy birthdaay! (:

  2. Closet brony pretty much everywhere except here and the 3dsforums. Some guy walked up on my drawing spike and I freaked out.
  3. I came to this thread to post this. >:C Fluttershy's cutie mark is a dagger. Oh god their faces.
  4. Yay! I can't wait to have both my eyes and ears bombarded by ponies! Oh god, I just remembered Spiderbabies.
  5. How many ponies in Equestria have you...Molested. had your way with? I live in a hole. I AM SAFE.
  6. Do I think they should? Yes. We already know what they're good at, they just need to find it out. Do I think they will? No, they're going to keep this story rolling until they run out of stories to milk out of it.
  7. You know what really grinds my gears? The excessive amount of copy and paste bullcrap that spawns on youtube such as "Thumbs up if you agree", Like if you're listening to this in 2011" and "1234 people are <insert unfunny comment here>". I could go on forever with examples of these horrible disgraces of terrible grammar. Hell, How about I show you what I mean? My mind cannot comprehend this amount of bullcrap. This is an actual quote. What? Is every middle-aged mother letting their 8 year olds type up this crap? I will not believe that anyone over the age of 15 doe this. It really annoys me when they try to hide it with "Anybody agree?" Same thing. If someone genuinely likes what you've written, they will "like" it. You don't need to beg you effin' whiners. And that's what grinds my gears. Tom?
  8. The sarcasm in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
  9. Wow. they roasted this game. Bargain bin sounds like a good idea. I guess nostalgia will have to wait. Axis looks amazing so good reviews don't really surprise me. I want it mostly for the AR so I can finally put my giant AR card to use.
  10. I'm waiting for Tetris Axis to drop to 20. Hopefully some new software comes our way. The one thing I regret about buying my 3ds is I bought it for the games to come rather than the games available now(likemostofus), so all I can do is wait. FEELS BAD MAN. Anyone knows if Frogger 3ds is any good? I can only find one legitimate review so far and it was mostly jokes.
  11. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D can eat up some time if you're into that. The fact that you can play Mercenaries on Resident Evil five makes the original price not worth it, but at a reduced price it might be.
  12. I'm extremely tired of the lack of games and have been thinking about getting Frogger 3ds and Tetris Axis. Tetrix Axis looks great. Frogger 3ds looks... I can't tell. I loved the 1997 version, but I don't want to think that game is bad. I want to try it out. Other than that I'm waiting for RE: Revelations (Getting that for ma birthday), Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3d Land, Luigi's Mansion 2, Kingdom Hearts: DDD and Heroes of Ruin.
  13. Name: Undecided Land pony Appearance: Like blue coat with a dark blue dreaded mane and tail. Cutie Mark: Horse hair paint brush Special Ability: Painting and creating pigments from natural sources. Other Details: Has a underground home just outside of Equestria where he lives with very little interaction with other ponies other than when he goes into town for supplies. My icon.
  14. Love the game. I'm currently sporting Rainbow Dash hair.