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  1. Holy mackerel! I haven't been on this website in a loooooong time

  2. I never read most of them, notifications seem empty now that I don't have 5 notifications from Sir Flutter Hooves each day

  3. This is Peachy Keen and yes, she is based on Velma.
  4. Today? Today I've posted about 3 times I think. Most days? None at all.
  5. I would go out for tea, but I doubt I'd have much in common with either of them. Who knows though, might be surprising.
  6. What is that simple pony art style called. The one used in this video

  7. I Really really really liked this episode too! Except.....not the first seven minutes. I just....I can't. No.....v.v Let me explain. When we first encounter Cheese Sandwich, he does absolutely nothing that conveys that he is in any way pinkie pies superior. He is presented as her equal. So why on earth do the other ponies immediately decide he's so amazing?! Maybe if he rolled into town with several truckloads of party goods, helmed by that WWII anti aircraft party cannon in minute 3 I would have been able to understand the other ponies being in awe of him, but as it stands. it isn't till about 7 minutes 30 seconds when he makes a better banner than Pinkie Pie that he shows himself to be in any way better than her, or worthy of the other ponies exagerated attentions. From the 8th minute to the end though, this episode is a barrel of fun.
  8. Same thing I do in life. Funeral directing, only with the aid of a unicorn horn, and a stylish top hat.
  9. I felt that the beginning of this episode was weak, and the way Pinkie Pies friends immediately switched to team Cheese felt extremely forced. Cheese Sandwich was not shown to be an exponentially better party planner until around the middle of the episode, so I had a bit of trouble believing that everyone would ditch Pinkie like that. Also....Rainbow Dash was hit with the meanie stick this episode. Sure you want your birthday to be cool, but when your birthday is starting to look like an episode of mtv's my sweet behooves you to not be smug about it. I'll admit, pinkie was really good in this episode, and the visuals were all fun. I particularly liked live action gummy, and I especially liked that pinkie doesn't need any help to reach the conclusion that she does. She shows that she's smart enough to stand alone, and thank god. You begin to question her intelligence sometimes. Cheese was.....disarmingly rude at first too. I can understand him wanting to upstage his idol, but at the early point in the episode we have no idea that he was inspired by Pinkie, so it just seemed really off color for a character supposedly all about smiles. I agree that this episode was pretty good, but I don't think it was perfect. It was fun, had a great ending, and some very visually and aurelly pleasing song and dance segments, but it also felt like the conflict was constructed as wobbly as Pinkie Pie built that pillar. <.< Sorry to rain on the happy parade, but that was building up in me all day.
  10. To be honest, if I have to see anyone portrayed as gay, I prefer it be Pinkie, because the thought of that amuses me. And isn't that what Pinkie Pie is all about?
  11. Moving forward in technology means accepting risks. I say lets dive in head first. Nobody ever solved any serious issue without screwing up a few times.
  12. Well, I happen to have a lot of faith that cliches if handled appropriately are not that big a deal, however I do have a few things that bug me. Mainly, Rainbow Dash as a lesbian just because of tomboyish behavior and rainbows. Screw that. I'm not straight myself, but homosexuality does not own refracted light. Give rainbows some room to be with whomever their many colored rays land on. I think someone said this one before, but I also prefer stories to be about OC's. I see the mane six all the time in the show. Branch out, don't try to dick around with the titular characters for no good reason. I think a lot of people avoid OC centric stories because of the high number of bad OC's but if you get a writer who can craft decent characters then I would take that persons OC over the mane six any day. It allows for way more creativity, and allows for surprises. We can infer how twilight or fluttershy will handle a situation, because we already know them. We have no idea how an OC will examine the same problem, and if the writer is up to the task of storytelling, then I think it's much more enjoyable to roll with a setting of OC's
  13. Hah, I've actually seen a story that was the direct opposite of this. In it humans were naturally as gifted with magic as unicorns, but earth was totally drained of magical energies. Get one of those humans into Equestria though, and they could be a wizard with effort.
  14. So I was right to assume that you were a little young to have the money for that. I thought things were a little peculiar.