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  1. trademark2

    General How to watch mlp?

    Thanks moderator! I really appreciate you removing the link to the site I was looking for, and leaving responses like 'youtube' and 'netflix'. I generally respond to censorship and attempts to limit information by searching even harder.
  2. trademark2

    General How to watch mlp?

    My friend wants to watch my little pony with me but I dont really know how anymore. It was taken off of netflix, so where do I go to watch it now? There was a site that had all of the mlp episodes and all of the Steven universe episodes on a tracker, thats the best one I think, i dont remember what it was though. I know there is, or was a strong contingent that says to buy every episode separately, but im just going to say thats not a viable solution for me at the moment (and would only get me past seasons anyways)
  3. Do the people involved have brains? are they sentient? have they passed the age of puberty? Is it consensual? (irregardless of if you have a piece of paper that says 'x can not consent'. I think x's opinion matters more than the piece of paper, or law). If all of those things are true, then the relationship is fine. IMO after puberty whatever they want is fine, especially online where there is no physical action involved. You are basically instigating witchhunts on people for a victimless crime to go after people for this. Let people exercise their own free will and do what they want.
  4. True ponies are friends to those that are persecuted.

    1. Widdershins


      Weeell, except Zecora... and Diamond Tiara... and Discord... and Tirek... those buffalos... hippogryphs... 

       Quite alot of specism in Equestria, eh? 

       Shrug. Situations turn sour sometimes.

  5. I think she is more powerful. In one episode, she beat twilight in terms of magic power, and she is only a baby! I am talking about the episode where she was picking up hospital beds and twilight couldn't stop her
  6. The forums are looking better now, I still think I liked the old forums more but these are good forums too

    1. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      But can you do this:



  7. trademark2

    Too much white space

    Hey devs, good job fixing the site! it looks really good now. But, could you add friend capabilities as opposed to just follows? that's the last thing!
  8. well, its good that the project isn't abandoned. It is so grand to have such wonderful content creators
  9. I'm surprised no one else thinks so! well, at the very least there has been 2 styles. Look at the models in season 1, and then in season 5, its different! When I said animation before I meant models, not really animation itself.
  10. We hear so much about turnover in the writing department, but nothing on the animation department, I bet someone new has joined/left, and it got changed up
  11. I don't know if there's a newish animation style or I am just seeing it for the first time again after awhile, but wow, the ponies in season 7 look really cute and lovable. I really liked the animation styles in season 1, and not so much for 5-6~ not sure when the exact changes are because they are kind of subtle. But season 7, dang, they look really nice. Good job to whoever's animating it. The video and animation on the song is very creative and well done too! I didn't really notice it the first time I watched it, but it just looks great! Pinkie pie is bouncing up and down and twilight
  12. The element of sternness because you also look stern
  13. The element of scruffiness! Its a compliment cause scruffy Is cute
  14. didnt stop to type without thinking
    1. Sovereign Leader Rarity

      Sovereign Leader Rarity

      Well-worded and very clear. You gave multiple ideas to your review, as well as taking the character's perspectives into account. You come across as very professional, and you even take the protagonist's individual state of mind, and how it makes little sense in context to the book's lore into account.

      All in all, a very good review. I can see why you review books in the first place. Your intellect, depth and maturity make it seem easy for you to see all the sides of your argument and your passion for making your feelings coherent is unquestionable. Great work. I'll certainly keep an eye out for your next review.

  15. New board... cool

    1. Widdershins


      Think its supposed to be some sorta gag. Like, y'all think we got too much white on here now, eh? Well, purple accents, now this place is Rarity.

        Personally, hope it stays, that's a very soothing purple to combat this blinding white. Still... some scenery was neat.

    2. trademark2


      well I understand they are not finished with the site and they are working on it so i was happy about that!

  16. trademark2

    Too much white space

    yea! your right actually! That's a good intermediate solution, though I still hope they address this. I mean peoples opinions are different but... really hope we get our bells and whistles back
  17. I'm only 25 but don't have a girl friend either. I could have had one, but knew it wouldn't work because she was too 'normal', and I am the opposite of normal
  18. Personally, I always have come back to this site because of how nice it looked, and how easy it was to use. I even made a thread here earlier about how ergonomic and beautiful the (old) site was. It was just so well put together. If this is an upgrade for forum security or something I understand, but IMO it should at least temporarily be rolled back, or else significant changes should be made. Learning how to use features are one thing, but the downgrade on the sites' appearance is quite another. The main issue with the new site is that there is just too much white and off-white space. Just
  19. I have to add my voice the the people complaining. The site was one of the most beautiful, well designed sites I had seen. Now it looks like a generic chatting forum. Please revert it. It's not even the features changing around, it just doesn't look beautiful anymore.
  20. The persecution of jontron for his political views is the latest example of the intolerance of the left

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    2. man dude man

      man dude man

      Ive tried using preposterous comedy as well Wid, people just dont get me lol

    3. trademark2


      that differs from progressive view. I myself am skeptical about the massive wave of 'police racism' narrative coming out lately. I find most of them are anecdotal. To some, this would make me a racist (and this is one of the main reasons why jontron was viewed as a racist). But really, to me this is just thought control.

    4. man dude man

      man dude man

      police are discriminatory to anyone with an easily developed profile, police will treat me worse than a black man driving a kia, wearing a suit...

  21. ill probably buy it at some point, im happy with PC gaming for now though
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