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  1. review Spike's Search: The Better Dragon Quest

    Oh goodness me, buffalo man lives on I see.
  2. Poniverse Summerpalooza 3.0 Contest Winners!

    Credit where credit is due, I entered this contest on a whim almost entirely because that fellow with the Rarity avatar above linked me to it and persuaded me to his will with his mind games and told me of its theme of cuteness and family things. Naturally, as a fluff connoisseur I could not pass up such an opportunity, seeing as I'm still full front on writing horse stories while we're on-season with the show. More credit where credit is credit, Rarity Avatar Fellow also helped me with some editing and brainstorming. Very thankful. As always Bat, you are extremely detailed and heartfelt with everything you do. I very much appreciate the lengthy review you gave not only on my story itself, but the kind words and summary of the story you gave here, as well. I'll be the first to admit that my story has a very loose, obscure connection to the 'family' theme, but I'm delighted that aspect of the story spoke to you, and that you were able to so eloquently explain it here. Naturally, congrats to the other finalists, and to those who did not place this time, use it as inspiration to show ponies what you can do, next time. I look forward to writing many more a cute thing in the future, and if any further contests strike my fancy, you may find me again on such a day.
  3. Why is your avatar bigger than every other avatar? It's so big the text of your posts has to go on top of it.

    1. ~Chaotic Discord~

      ~Chaotic Discord~

      Back of house shenanigans. For a long time, Subscribers and staff got avatars that got to be taller than regular sizes. This apparently got changed in the system and the site, so my tall avatar started causing glitches until I changed it.

  4. Hey, how does one come in contact with you now when you made a new skype? ^_^

    1. ~Chaotic Discord~

      ~Chaotic Discord~

      *wiggles fingers* Look at me, I'm a ghost revisiting from the past. Give me your crackers and cheeses.

      Fun fact: I haven't used Skype in three years. :P I use Discord, now. If you'd like it, I'll send you it.

  5. S06:E25+E26 - To Where and Back Again

    Welp, after One Piece, Pokemon and then Spyro in that order, I tackled ponies again and finished the second half of S6 I hadn't caught up on. I have mixed feelings about this finale. While the first part, episode 25 is somewhat 'eh' on my scale of opinion, I adored the second half, and put it on par with the S4 finale. I just felt that trying to start the plot off with Starlight and her emotions and making a big deal about that, only to segway into a surprise changeling invasion could have been done a lot better, it felt rather sudden and thrown together, like the episode wasn't sure what it wanted to do. All that set up time they gave Starlight could have been made simpler and sweeter, imo. That aside, I'm in love with the simple facts: * Chrysalis was proven at last to be a heartless bitch, even when it comes to her subjects. She has always put the well-being of her own species after her own well-being and position of power. As I've always said, she was introduced as a classic Disney-style villain in the S2 finale, so I have never understood the people who thought she was secretly motherly to the Changelings. Any affection and care she may have shown was obviously a facade to get them to help her conquer nations, and the conspiracy theories that she lied to the changelings, forcing them to starve this entire time in order to use them as weapons are aplenty. May she rot in Tartarus with Tirek or join Sombra in the great beyond come S7, I don't think she's a character that should ever be reformed (even though that's very likely considering the Twilight > Starlight > Chyrsalis parallels the show is going for). I actually like her a lot more now that it's been fully established what her true relationship with the changelings has been - she's literally a mix of Scar and Zira from the Lion King franchise, but more on that later. * On that some note, I am ecstatic that the changelings asides from Chrysalis have been reformed. Not even reformed, because honestly, unlike Queen Cheese Legs they were never evil, they were desperate and hungry, and were told that the only way to not starve to death was to conquer nations for their queen. I think Thorax is an adorable muffin, and I think he'll make a wonderful new king who will help bring the changeling empire into a new golden age. Now that they're no longer hunter gatherers, they can actually advance their civilization into modern times like the ponies have, perhaps. I want to see Celestia and Thorax discussing horse to bug horse politics in the future, like she said they would. * I loved the 'Reformation Suicide Squad' of Discord, Trixie, Starlight and Thorax saving the day. We saw character interactions, teamwork and jokes we've never seen before, and seeing the fruits of the Mane Six's labors was pretty amazing. The only reason Chrysalis was defeated for a second time, and the changeling empire went from foe to ally was because of all the work we've seen put into reforming these characters throughout past seasons. That's pretty damn cool. * Finally, I for one do not mind the new changeling designs. Changelings in mythology are types of fairies, which are, for the most part, vibrant as fuck. I think it's very fitting that they went from black with slight blue to all manner of various colors, and I especially enjoy King Thorax's horns. He's an Alpha Changeling now, same tier as Chrysalis. I sure hope we get to see him take on his former queen in S7, I think he deserves it. -- All in all, despite the rather slow and clunky first half, and the rather bizarre fact that this is the first finale with no song, I definitely loved this finale, if for no other reason than the fact that the poor changelings are finally free from an oppressive rule and can be close allies with ponies now. I need to see more Spike and Thorax bromance before I die. Looking forward to seeing what Chryssie does come S7. I can only imagine she'll team up with some new villain, or free/resurrect Tirek/Sombra and have some kind of mass-scale catastrophe that requires the ponies, changelings and possibly other allies to all team up in order to overcome. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, though, I'd like to take a moment to boggle at just how much Lion King 1 and 2 was in this changeling plotline. * 'A conquest-obsessed tyrant rules over a group of hungry and desperate outcasts in order to take over larger nations'. - Chrysalis and the changelings, Scar and the Hyenas, Zira and the Outlanders. * 'A lone individual flees a dark regime, only to return later to become a much grander leader.' - Thorax and Simba. * 'After losing all of their followers, once said followers found a better way to co-exist with the former opposition, the evil leader turns down a guiding hand from the protagonists.' - Chrysalis and Zira. There are more, but these are the big three. Never too many Lion King similarities. <3
  6. hello my name is princes trot im a unicorn too. can we be friends?

  7. Starlight's Redemption Is Better and More Satisfying Than Sunset's

    Sorry, but EQG is not FIM, it's EQG. They are not canonically linked at all, it's been stated. Also, no. Sunset's reformation had pacing and realism across three movies, Starlight's had a thrown-together backstory with about as much rushing and lack of believe-ability as Discord's initial reformation. Starlight would have been a more interesting character had she remained a villain; continuing to act as an anti-thesis rival for Twilight Sparkle in terms of magic, since Twilight has never actually had one before (no Trixie does not count, she has no natural talent). But now she's reformed, so now we have Twilight Sparkle 2.0.
  8. Fandoms you're in?

    Enjoying a show and actually being active in a fandom are certainly different. I enjoy a lot of different shows, but since I dedicate myself to a fandom when I'm in one, I only ever am active in 1-3 at a time. Right now those are MLP:FiM and The Seven Deadly Sins.
  9. Fillies be like 'omg Fallout Equestria is canon now!', CD be like, 'I know exactly what happened here...' For those who aren't aware, the MLP TCG's fourth set, 'Absolute Discord', came out some time back, and with it arrived a fanon concept brought to the 'almost kinda sorta canon' list of things that have been brought to life by FiM entities other than the show itself: Celestia with a Nightmare Moon-esque transformation, known as Nightmare Star, or 'Solar Flare'. The original card: For me, the concept of Celestia going rouge in a similar fashion to Luna's descension into Nightmare Moon is one of those outlandish, epic ideas I've wanted to see since the very early seasons, even more during 3 and 4 after Twilight became a princess in her own right, and was no longer reliant on Celestia as much as before. So too, I thought, the show should recognize this fact, and eventually cause something cataclysmic to happen regarding Celestia, and cause her to undergo a terrible transformation. This plot choice would: Bring another dark and unexpected twist to the show's repertoire of dark themes it's been building steadily since S4, as well as a worthy sixth (or seventh) season villain worthy of waiting for Bring a whole new depth to Celestia's character, by giving her relateable weaknesses, faults and fears Give us the perfect opportunity to delve into Celestia and Luna's history far more, learn more about them, maybe where they originally came from, etc Provide Twilight with a truly difficult challenge as a budding princess of Equestria - forced to face her former teacher and mentor in order to save Equestria, as well as Celestia, herself Provide Princess Luna with a mirrored perspective, as she now stands against her corrupted sister, the Sun Princess Provide Princess Celestia the chance to truly look like a bad-ass, hopefully a good fight scene or two - imagine S6 Alicorn Twilight (maybe tag-teaming with Luna) vs Corrupted Princess Celestia, no such more hype The final shown future was a barren wasteland - not a desert, but what looked like a once plentiful land with dust and worn rocks and trees, as if the were scorched by heat. It was the only future with no villain linked to it, as well. Clever foreshadowing, or nothing more than over-analyzing the situation, only time will tell. Give your thoughts on this character idea. What have you say?
  10. Could Starlight Glimmer be the most powerful unicorn in Equestria?

    Quite possibly. Sadly we never got to see the extent of Sunset's individualized magical prowess, because 98.9% of her existence is seen through the human world. Though I'm inclined to think Starlight is one of the more powerful unicorns in Equestria, by this point. Twilight, who previously held that title, couldn't defeat her even after becoming an alicorn, that's going to put to shame pretty much every other known unicorn as of this point in time.
  11. Opinions on Smoking

    It was immensely, 'whatever man, do what you want' back in the earlier parts of this century and before, back when everyone smoked, especially the Navy, military and wealthy, because we had little known research about smoking and the effects it had on the body. But nowadays, smoking will kill you - we have endless research that proves this in dark, morbid detail. Not only that, you expose everyone around you to second hand smoking, which for a lot of people, actually does real harm to them. So in my opinion, you're a moron to smoke. You're a recovering moron if you're taking real steps to quitting (regardless what method you're using) You're a typical moron if you're an older gentlemen or lady who began smoking back in the day when we didn't know it was bad, and refuse to quit now because you're too far gone or are simply too addicted You're a 'lost cause' moron to take up classic smoking in the modern day, knowing what we know about it now. Especially with really effective alternatives that can not only break nicotine's grip on you bit by bit, but can even replace that urge to have something in your mouth, blowing smoke, to help deal with stress - namely vaping, as one example
  12. How would you feel about a Pegasus or Earth pony villain?

    We should have an Earth Pony villain who has some kind of bizarre magical ability regardless of not possessing a horn. Like, Elemental Control over an element or something. Zecora isn't a unicorn and she has some form of magic as we've seen a few times, so it's not impossible.
  13. Is It OK For Guys To Cry? [Please Read OP First]

    Testosterone ≠ Tough, Sports, Cars driving through mud, etc. Just as Estrogen ≠ Frilly pink laced everything, perfumes, giggling, etc. ​Gender stereotypes are not only horrendously outdated, but are immensely generic labels for people with lesser minds. You'll find boys who are sensitive just as you'll find girls who are tough, so yeah, it's okay for guys to cry.