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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

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      Thank you, I'm 21 now. :please:

  2. I'd like to join the server. Can you link it here?
  3. While some leave without a trace (cough, SoGreatandPowerful, cough), it's good to see old members returning from a hiatus. Welcome back!
  4. Merry Birthiversary!

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      I hardly use this site anymore, and seldom visit it, but thank you for the happy birthday now that I'm 20.

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  5. @NathanW200 Hmm, this is certainly a lot to take in, but until there's any official confirmation, I will reserve my final judgment and assume these images are more than likely doctored for now. I 'll have to keep looking further into this 'rabbit hole' as I don't have time to dig into this right now, so I'll reply later after I've done a bit more research on these rumors; which is all they are, just rumors. P.S. I'd rather not use Moliminous as a source of information for a significant chunk of his videos are just click-bait that usually leads into pointless ramblings or theories with little to no substantial evidence to back it up; many just flat out made up. The guy doesn't even use sources to cite his claims, which is one of the reasons why I unsubbed from him a while ago.
  6. Where did you get information about the show being rebooted/canceled possibly sometime in 2019?
  7. Here's an update that occurred on 10/08/17, meant to post this earlier but I kinda got lazy. I went a second time with one of my friends who wasn't even that interested in the MLP franchise (he's more of a Warhammer 40K kind of guy). He didn't mind going since he was free that day and wanted to do something fun. The viewing was way better than the first time, since there were less children shouting and running about, but the best part was my friend actually liked the movie; said his favorite character was Tempest Shadow (mine's Skystar if you can't already tell). Everything went alright, but I think the cherry on top was when one of the children that were making their way out of the theater during the credits stopped by our chairs, and stared at my t-shirt for up to 5 seconds or so, until her mother urged her to carry on out of the theater room. Definitely had to do with the Vinyl Scratch & Octavia artwork that was on it. Just thought it was a funny little moment.
  8. "One Small Thing" was easily my favorite due to the amazing choreography, visuals, and the fact that Princess Skystar looks and sounds too damn cute. "Open Up Your eyes" comes in at second due to it being emotionally impactful song detailing Tempest's loss and how she came to be. Honorable mentions go to "I'm the Friend You Need" and "Rainbow". The rest were alright but kind of blend in for me.
  9. I thinks it's better to just take all the rating from the most credible movie reviewing websites (RT, Metacritic, IMDb, etc) compare them all, and average them all out. But I really don't like how a lot of people see these sites as the arbiters of whether a movie is good or not, and just take the reviews at face value. You have to remember that critics view a ton more movies than your average movie-goer, so they'll tend to pick up on more repeated aspects between movie to movie, adopt higher standards, and give movies ratings lower than what they really deserve. Don't ever let a bad review sway you (w/reason, of course) from a movie that captures your interest.
  10. Cool, I'll write down your name somewhere/follow you for whenever I need some musical insight. I just threw that score together because I couldn't find it anywhere on the web, and was really curious about playing it myself. I'm more of a music player than composer/transcriptor, but any knowledge is valuable. Appreciate your offerings of help.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, my knowledge with music itself is a bit basic as I only have an understanding of a few simple concepts. I'd like to improve, do you know any websites and/or guides where I can learn more about this kind of stuff?
  12. After seven long years, the wait for someone to transcribe this classic MLP song for piano is finally over. Happy 7th Anniversary MLP! https://musescore.com/user/20244986/scores/4704156 Special thanks to DrSentenial for his video - How to Play "Making Cupcakes". Wouldn't have been able to arrange this score without it! DrSentenial's channel >>> https://www.youtube.com/user/DrSentenial
  13. Drew this a little while ago and thought it would be relevant for the event taking place today; Here it is for the sake of Pinkie Pie Day 2017. Still an intermediate artist, but trying to improve with each passing day.
  14. Possibly the reformation of Queen Chrysalis which will most likely cause another fandom rage, specifically in Derpibooru comments. Not sure if Chrysalis is the mother of Thorax, Pharynx, and the rest of the changelings, but it would be nice to gets some more info on that topic.