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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Disky Bolt

    Art dump

    I have been using my time to RP with my friend these days, which takes part in a different world. So my recent arts are all OCs. And since my only Player Character is Moonlight Toccata, and my friend is an artist too, most of the arts belong to her too. Anyways, here they come. Moonlight Toccata with Moorish Delight(collab with Yinglongfujun) : Noble intimidation : Moonlight Toccata winter clothing : Little Ghost and the Moorish guitar : Dark magic Hidden Gem(doodle) : Moonlight Toccata reference : Vesper Flare
  3. Disky Bolt

    Big art dump

    Not actually, I just like his story enough to adopt that as head canon, and build my own after that
  4. Disky Bolt

    Big art dump

    The one Luna used to turn batponies into pegasi is actually an 'ancient recipe' This is actually to stick to my friend's story. In his story, batponies was an ancient bunch from the north that fought as mercenaries with the alicorn King of ancient crystal empire, before all of them got trapped within another continent. It was supposed to be as ancient as the pre-classical era, with his different-world batponies referencing Spain(Aragon)
  5. Disky Bolt

    Big art dump

    1) Scootabat, also crossover to Castlevania Isn't Scootaloo as a batpony just fitting? 2) Another Castlevania parody to my friend's character Moorish Delight, who is the queen of a batpony kingdom who always smirk 3) Yet another Castlevania parody 4) Size matters! 5) Six fan arts challenge Not all of them are ponies, but you get the Queen Chrysalis and Echo 6) Moonlight Toccata(oc)'s look in an RP with my friend 7) Darkforest(oc) In lore, she is the descendant of the last Luna' s guard captain before Nightmare Moon's ba
  6. An collab I done with Yinglongfujun on Twitter and DA I planned the overall composition, drew Screwball and Discord. He drew Pinkie and the background (and Discord's lineart)
  7. Disky Bolt

    no critique Doodle dump

    A parody to "Blue angel", a type of plane Never give a 5-year-old a violin as toy. Never. A lot of us can relate~ Additional panel : The professor staring at the mare disdainfully while holding a DSM-V and aiming at her I hate working Poor chicken @Meson Bolt Egghead A stonks pony doing her stonks daydreaming No content My first impression of Pony Life(smarmy smiles) : Powercry! (oc is Moorish Delight, belongs to a friend) No content
  8. Disky Bolt

    Screwball fan club

    I'm glad there's a Screwball fan club! I always love her design and whimsical personality. I even got inspirations from her eyes in one of my batpony oc!
  9. Recently, I decided to redesign my Vesper Flare because she was either too saturated or too dark, making the colours clash with one another's and not easy on the eyes. Here's an art of the old design : As a matter of fact, I redesigned her with a more soft and pastel colour. I also added complexity to the hat. Here're some follow-up arts of her : (I swear I will resume studying from now on lol)
  10. Actually, that's exactly what I was going for
  11. After the knowledge that a friend of mine is preparing his thesis, I drew this art on a whim
  12. I tried to draw a royal portrait for Twi This is the first time I attempt to draw digital oil painting, without references(second time if counting with references) Since I personally prefer Twi pre-timeskip, I drew this version instead
  13. Not really, my works are not featured in anywhere
  14. I first intend it to be just sketch. But later on, I somehow managed to finish the whole pic (lul, I was supposed to do my homework instead of drawing an RD)
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